Why should you trust gamerscene.wordpress.com?

I get the fact that there are a ton of sites out there. HUGE sites. Sites where you type in the name of a game or movie and it’s already on the site. Sites with a ton of pictures and clips and reviews per page. I offer a quarter of what big name sites have, so why should you keep coming back here? I’ve got a whole list.

  • Emails: I send out emails every week or so to let my viewers know that I haven’t gone quiet. Sometimes it takes me two weeks to send them out, but that’s either because I have more updating to do, or because I’m waiting to see a movie/play a game. I’m NEVER neutral.
  • I only give you the good stuff. All of the games put on the site are either requested by you guys or put on by me. I don’t ever put on horrible games on my pages. I carefully select which games I want to be offered. It is the same case with videos.
  • I don’t review what I don’t understand. I didn’t understand Watchmen fully, and so I didn’t review it. I don’t force myself to review a movie or game.
  • I’m not forced into opinions. Everyone likes Gears of War. I think that it’s alright…maybe a T-Bone, possibly a Porkchop. I don’t go with the flow of what’s cool and what’s not cool. I express MY OWN opinion.
  • I don’t rush it. I love getting things on quickly so you guys have more to see, but I don’t rush my game, book, or movie reviews. Before I review a book, I read it through fully. Before I review a game, I play through every mode fully. It sounds like anyone would, but I make sure I play through the WHOLE story mode and every other mode. I explore before I review.
  • I do video reviews! I recently started doing this, and I try my hardest to make it interesting for you guys. Everything I put on is my best effort.
  • I’m quick to update. I update ASAP, I respond my my emails every day, and I moderate the comments like there’s no tomorrow. Never do I leave a page not updated for too long.
  • I communicate. I send out emails, respond to comments, and constantly make new pages and posts.

Lastly, and most importantly, I have fun with it! I see this site as being somebody else’s would I like it or not? What would I add? Thanks for your undying support. 

~DDog out


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