I know what’s in the case from Pulp Fiction!

Anyone who has seen Pulp Fiction has a theory as to what is in the briefcase in the movie. Throw away the ideas of Marsellus’s soul, diamonds, a light-bulb, and every other bit of information squeezed together to create crazy theories. I know it. I don’t have an idea…I KNOW it.

Watch this clip from the ending credits of the movie ‘Thor.’

That’s what’s in the case. As you can see, the person presenting the case is Samuel L. Jackson. It is pimped out, because nobody in their right mind would keep a briefcase that was as old as the one featured in Pulp Fiction. So, Samuel took the contents of the briefcase from Pulp Fiction (The “Power”) and placed it inside of this new, futuristic case. Share this post, tweet it, Facebook it, and rate it. The truth is finally out.


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