The Meat Scale: Meats that Didn’t Make the Cut

The Meat Scale is what I use to rate the things I review. (for those who don’t know the order, from worst to best, is Catfood, Hotdog, Porkchop, T-Bone, and Filet) It works efficiently, and so I have decided to keep it…but have you ever wondered why I picked the meats I did? So have I. Let me tell you why some meats didn’t make it to the scale.

Burger- Everyone loves burgers, and that’s the truth. How come it isn’t included? Well, if you think, a burger isn’t all meat. It can contain a wide array of things, and so including it would make the Meat Scale a non-Meat Scale. What if I just said, “Burger patty?” Well, that’s a horrible idea. Burgers are a nono when it comes to the Meat Scale.

Lamb Chops and Ribs- I love lamb chops. I can live on them, but how come they aren’t on the scale? Well…it’s the portions. All of the meats on the scale are capable of providing good portions, and so can lamb chops and ribs, but after how many? The fact that there has to be a lot for it to be filling didn’t mesh well with the scale.

Honey Glazed-Ham- Ham is great, but it’s for special occasions, most of the time. Thanksgiving and Christmas is typically when Honey Glazed-Ham is served, so the Meat Scale being what it is, it wouldn’t work.

Kobe Beef- This beef comes from cows who are massaged, given wine, and live in luxury. It is said that the beef melts in your mouth, so why is this delicacy not included? Because the meat isn’t accessible to the average person. Filets are everywhere, whereas Kobe beefs has to be prepared at a fancy restaurant. Whether you go into the movies getting a Filet or Catfood, your ticket costs the same.

So, tell me, what else would you like on the Meat Scale? What do you like/not like about it? I love hearing from you guys. Just remember….all meat is good meat.



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