Super Bowl Commercials: My favorites and Analysis

First off, my five favorite Super Bowl Commercials are on the Funny Commercials Page under Videos.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the commercials this year. The clear winner with the best commercials is Doritos. They had a good amount of hilarious commercials, and they delivered, like usual. Coke, on the other hand, didn’t do so well. They had 3 to 4 commercials during game day, but they all featured some lame polar bears. I understand that the polar bear symbolizes The Coca-Cola Company, but the bears couldn’t live up to the humor of the Doritos commercials, let alone the M&M “Sexy and I Know it” ad. Pepsi made another Coca-Cola-fan-turned-to-Pepsi commercial, driving Coke farther down in popularity. The popular vampire trend was addressed in an Audi commercial, mocking their vulnerability to sunlight. Budweiser featured a dog named “Here we Go,” who gave beer to anyone who said his name, and also included some Prohibition commercials, which didn’t sit well, I would assume, because not many people will find humor in a commercial involving history on Super Bowl Sunday. Over all, there were some great commercials this year, but sadly, Coca-Cola didn’t pull through, in my opinion. Check out my favorite commercials of this year’s Super Bowl on the Funny Commercials Page, and let me know what commercial you liked the best. What do you think of my choices? Comment and let me know.



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