My Hope and Fears for the Avengers

Check out this new trailer, an extension from what was featured in the Super Bowl.

Now that you’ve seen that, you’re probably open-mouthed. Let’s run it down. Here are the superheroes and the people who play them.

Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr.

Black Widow- Scarlett Johansson (as seen in Iron Man 2)

Thor- Chris Hemsworth

Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner (as seen in Thor)

Captain America (Chris Evans)

Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)

I think I got all of them, right? I’m going to walk through what I am looking forward to and what I’m afraid might happen to this flick.

WHAT I HOPE TO SEE– I want some banter. We got a taste of banter between Iron Man and Cap. America in the first trailer released, and we’re going to need some of that in a movie that will be full of explosions and action. With the banter, I also want Jarvis, Iron Man’s computer assistant, who had to endure providing statistics for Tony Stark’s tedious suit tests from the first movie. Scarlett Johansson knows what I want from her…I want her to speak to Loki in Frost Giant language. She spoke Latin in the first Iron Man, why can’t she speak Frost Giant? That’d be cool if she dissed Loki in his own language. Also, I’m expecting a new side to Jeremy Renner. He seems to always play the tough guy,and I’m not very comic-savvy, so I don’t know if Hawkeye has a tough-guy personality. Hopefully not. I want to see him take on a shy character, or a humble one at least. I also need Thor to ask for a horse. I want this movie to pay some respect to Chris Hemsworth’s line from Thor , “I need a horse!” I need to see this guy ask for a horse at some point in this movie. The Hulk…I hope he’s not just used for destruction. Let Mark Ruffalo be used as a goofy womanizer, or a soft type of guy. It would be a delightful punch in the face to have the Hulk be comedic relief when he’s not big and green. Next, there’s a rumor floating around about Spiderman making a cameo appearance. I’m not a fan of Spiderman, but with the first one being remade (and it looking good) that means that this guy playing the new Spiderman would make the appearance, thus hyping the new Spiderman. That’d be cool to see. Remember how in X-Men: First Class, Wolverine made one of the best cameos to date? Well, what if the heroes were kicking some butt when Spiderman flies their way, shoots some guys with his web, nods to the heroes he saved, and shoots himself away with his webs? That’s be so cool. Ok. Getting off topic. Lastly, something that I NEED in this movie is a relation between Iron Man and Captain America, because Captain America knew Tony’s dad! This needs to be what unites them to fight together, or else Captain America’s movie would be useless. (it was quite bad, and this hope is all I go out of it) Those were my hopes and prayers for the Avengers, but I have some fears as well.

WHAT I’M AFRAID OF- Clashing egos is the number one thing I’m worried about. So many stars need to share the spotlight. Will they? Yes. But will they share it willingly? Will they have chemistry together? Will they all feel individual? I hope so. These guys have to come together and work well as actors. This can feel like a match-up that won’t work, or team made in heaven. Another issue. POV issues. Is the movie going to focus mostly on one character mostly? The leader? I hope not. Thor and Iron Man are my favorites out of the Avengers, and yet I understand that their time will be divided. For example, each hero has a task to infiltrate the blah blah blah to destroy the blah blah blah. That’s cool. Now, let Iron Man handle something and destroy a hallway of bad-guys, let the Hulk destroy a hallway of bad-guys, and show the action sequence for each hero that will leave its individual fans in awe. Make me love the heroes I don’t love now. I have another fear. Hawkeye. Nobody knows his character. He made a quick cameo in Thor, but he didn’t really do anything. We don’t know his personality. Is he going to be the weak link? This movie can’t spend time developing his character, or else it’ll focus on HIM, not THE AVENGERS. Hawkeye isn’t really a big name in the superhero franchise, and the reason why the movies leading up to The Avengers developed characters is so that they didn’t have to develop them in this big production. Hawkeye might spoil that. Lastly, I hope this doesn’t feel like a two and a half hour war fest. I pray that it’s not like this: Loki is invading. Nick Fury rounds up the team. They kick ass for the whole movie with no time to rest, no time to meet each other, and no time to establish anything other than: Let’s beat everyone up and the day will be saved. THIS is my worst nightmare.

Yeah, so this movie COULD be epic, or it could be the biggest waste of money and effort of the 21st century. What do YOU want to see in the Avengers? What are YOU worried about? Let me know in the comments.


7 comments on “My Hope and Fears for the Avengers

    • Sry. Nothing went through:( Sometimes wordpress can get really strange. I’m sure what you wanted to say was insightful. I’d like to hear it, if you get a chance to type it again.

      • Ugh. Still not working. Going to try to do it half and half.

        I was afraid you were going to say that, especially when I saw that the other reply went through. Okay, here it is again (as best as I can make it from memory, at least.)

        We’ll get banter. I have no doubt about that. Even if it centers mostly on Tony, I’m sure we’ll get a bucket load. Cap and Tony seem to have that sort of relationship, but I think we’ll see close to the same thing from Cap and Thor. From what I heard about Hawkeye, I don’t think he’s going to be a main character. He seems like he’ll be more the quiet-type. He’s not egotistical like the other superheroes. He’s like Black Widow – she knows how to play on a team. I’m also pretty sure they’re taking a different angle on the Hulk – he isn’t going to be angry all the time, but more the goofy/funny/brainy guy from the comics. (Well, Bruce will be. The Hulk is angry because – let’s face it – he’s THE HULK.) Also, I really enjoyed Captain America. (Just throwing that out there…)

        I know RDJ had some trouble taking a backseat because he’s so used to being a leading man. BUT I also know that he did back off because he knew it would be better for the movie. I have 110% faith in Joss Whedon. He knows how to write a story and he knows how to make a movie. He’s going to deliver. Also, I could be pulling this out of nowhere, but I think I heard this movie will be in Cap’s perspective?

      • Wow. That is by far the longest comment I have ever received. Wow. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 Hawkeye will definitely be a side character like Black Widow, but when he’s being played by Jeremy Renner, you KNOW that he’s not going to just be on the sidelines. So many great heroes, yet so much spotlight to share. Carrying the story from Captain America’s viewpoint would be wise, considering how the movie ended. I could see it continuing right from where Captain America ended, actually. I will be sure to check out those podcasts as well.

      • Ah. I think I found the problem. It doesn’t want me to post links. Here’s the rest of my reply without them.
        I don’t know if you’ve heard of Hypable or their Hero Hype podcast (they have the Cinema Hype podcast, too, btw), but they’ve talked about both trailers for the Avengers on there. They’ve discussed Hawkeye in the first one, I believe, so that might give you a little more insight into the character.
        (Just go to Hypable dot com. The podcasts are on the right hand side. The 3rd and 5th ones under Hero Hype are the ones that discuss the Avengers trailers – the 5th one also contains Spider-Man’s.)

      • i listened to the hour + podcast about the Avengers and it was very interesting. It contained some great point of views. Thanks for the recommendation.

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