Find It Fridays #1

Yes, I know, it’s not Friday. But this series is going to be advanced every Friday after today. Here’s how it works. I give you a riddle. You have to follow the riddle and find what is hidden. You have from the Friday it is posted to the next Friday. On the next Friday, there will be a new Find It. Get it? Here’s how it works.Let’s say that somewhere on this site, there is a balloon hidden. A picture of a balloon. You viewers have a week to scavenge the site and find the picture. I have a picture hidden either inside a review, on top of a review, under a review, by a Rage Segment, in a Fan Question, even a post. It could be anywhere. You’ll receive some hints from this riddle that will be given in a second. Read it carefully. It will give clues as to where the picture is hidden, as well as what it is. If you find the picture, leave a comment with the page you found it on and the content it was found on. (which movie review, vid game review, book review, Rage Segment, Fan Question, etc.) Plus…important. YOU MUST EXPLAIN EVERY LINE OF THE POEM, connecting each line to a clue as to what the item is. Finding it isn’t enough. You’ve got to explain each line. I’m not expecting an essay, guys, just a couple of sentences mentioning each key part, so I know that it’s not a blind guess. If someone stumbles upon the picture and guesses without explanation, it would be pointless, and a thoughtless hunt. Sorry guys. Using your brain is required. Only one guess per week is allowed. You have until next Friday to find it, as it will always be. The picture of the item will be gone after next Friday. The riddle will be explained the next Find It Friday. Feel free to use all resources possible: Google, Phone a Friend, etc. What do you earn for guessing correctly, you ask? Well, you get a guest post on the Home Page. Have a review? Share it with the world. A Rage Segment? A point you want to make? Do you have a blog? You could advertise it. If you win, and I say that you’re correct, email me what you would like to be your guest post. If you find the answer two weeks in a row, please keep the answer to yourself. You can post the answer for another guest post if nobody has voted a night before the FF session is concluded (Thursday night) Here’s the riddle, and happy hunting 🙂

The 26th President inspired this toy,

Every child loves them, girl or boy.

It was Samantha’s favorite, she still giggles when they appear,

But the giggling isn’t funny to those who hear.

 Good luck everyone. Do you like this ‘Find It’ idea? Let me know in the comments. Any questions? Ask below. Are you hunting? Tell me. Leave a comment about how your search is going. Also, what do you think of my rhyming skills? Haha.



4 comments on “Find It Fridays #1

  1. The picture is a teddy bear. It’s on the page videogame Reviews under the category shooters and it’s on the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. To figure out where it was, I had to decipher the poem. The first line (the 26th president inspired this toy) was easy; Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th and he obviously inspired the teddy bear. The second line ( Every child loves them, girl or boy) was further proof that it was a teddy bear, because children love them. For the third and fourth line, i googled teddy bear samantha, and got samantha Maxis. I then checked all the COD modern warfare reviews by the ddog13 and found the teddy bear.

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