Find It Fridays #2

There’s a winner! Congratulations to Shrederdude 63! His response was well done (he answered on the Find It Fridays #1 post, for those who want to see his answer), and his guest post is under this week’s riddle. Here’s where the bear was from last week: (it’s not there anymore)

It was under the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review, under Shooters, under Video Games. Here’s the explanation of last week’s riddle. The first part refers to Theodore Roosevelt, who inspired the teddy bear, after refusing to shoot one during a hunting trip. The second one reinforces the fact that it is a toy. The third refers to Samantha Maxis, the girl from the Call of Duty Zombies lore. There is a giggling sound when the player spends money to purchase a mystery gun, and they get a teddy bear instead. The fourth line explains how when a player hears her laugh as a result of the bear, they are inconvenienced and must set out to a new location.

Here’s a video of the iconic laugh.

Here’s this week’s new riddle, and good luck once again. The rules can be found on the Find It Fridays #1 Post. If you like the gamerscene facebook page, you get extra hints every for every Find It Friday. Like it up!

It starts with some wolves running around Sin City,

This large jungle cat is by no means some kitty,

Mr. Sheen has some words when it comes to this beast,

This animal that received a tiring pepperish feast.

Good luck! Below is shrederdude’s guest post.

Hello people of the internet, this is Shrederdude63 and I’m the winner of this week’s Find It Friday contest. Many of you probably recognize me as the former writer for this blog’s page, NFL New: 24.7 Updates On America’s Game. I am currently the owner of the prestigious blog I have been quite successful; I have over 5,000 views and this is my first year. Even though I have been quite a success, my goal is to obtain a larger fanbase and possibly make a career doing this. I also have a page on Facebook (, so like it if you can.  I love football, and if at least one you guys take a look at it, then thank you.  I look forward to all the comments, questions, and requests. This Shrederdude63 signing off.

Here’s a link to his blog, and happy hunting!:


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