Top 5 Blu-Rays you Must Own

Blu-Ray…the best way to watch a movie. Pair it with a loud surround sound and 72 inch LED TV, and you get an experience that surpasses the one in the theater. But, as all Blu-Ray owners know, these types of movies are expensive. DVD and Blu-Ray have a huge gap in price. Buying Blu-Rays online rather than at the stores can help, however, but they’re still not cheap. That’s why I’m here to give you the top 5 must have Blu-Ray movies. These movies should show off your surround sound, picture, and will be sure to entertain your company.


The unique lighting and open scenery is an invitation for Blu-Ray to come and flaunt itself. The lighting goes from light to dark constantly, and there are plenty of explosions and amazing city-shots that make The Dark Knight seem all too real. This is a definite Blu-Ray pick.


Terminator Salvation was by no means a Filet, but the relentless action and explosions will threaten to burst your speakers. The metal on metal looks great, and the shines and glows on the Terminators’ armor is fantastic. You should pick this one up for your Blu-Ray player.


Star Trek was an amazing movie, and Blu-Ray goes with it like a hand in a glove. Space and the planets look great with Blu-Ray, and the load booms and chaotic noises of the USS Enterprise become clearer than it already is. A must have for your collection.



Inception *BRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHH*  The snow, the hotel, the beaches, all of them look a lot better on Blu-Ray. Han Zimmer’s amazing soundtrack is amplified by Blu-Ray. Inception is a must own, but Inception Blu-Ray is a must-own-to-survive.


Even the cover of this Blu-Ray looks amazing. Jack Sully and the crew look spectacular. In fact, considering that everything is motion-capture CGI, Blu-Ray makes the waterfalls, trees, and people come to life. You need this movie for your Blu-Ray player. No. Actually, you need a Blu-Ray player for the sole purpose of being able to play this movie.

What movies do you recommend on Blu-Ray? What’s your personal list? Let me know in the comments.



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