Find It Fridays #3

Congratulations to Sgt. Hell! He solved the riddle, and his response is on the Comedies Page. The object tiger was on the Comedies Page under Movie Reviews (it is no longer there):

Here’s the explanation: The first line refers to the guys in the Hangover, also known as the wolfpack, running around Las Vegas looking for Doug. Sin City is another name for Vegas. The second says that the object is a large jungle cat, not a mere small kitty. The third justifies the fact that it’s a tiger, because Mr. Sheen refers to Charlie Sheen, who claims to have tiger blood. The last line refers to when Mike Tyson’s tiger from the hangover received meat filled with roofies and pepper, and is put to sleep by it. Alan says that tigers like pepper, not cinnamon, so this isn’t a blind event. Congratulations to Sgt Hell. His guest post will be below #3’s riddle as soon as he submits it to me. Not familiar with the rules? Click here to learn em’ like a pro.

Here’s Find It Friday’s riddle #3, and you can receive extra hints if you like gamerscene on facebook. Click the link and like it up.

Good luck:

These were used as toys and abused in September,

They are an icon from this day that every American remembers,

The Executive Decision took place in one of these,

and it can be found where I spoke of throat disease.

 Here is Sgt. Hell’s Guest Post. He has a poll for you all to answer:


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