My Picks for the Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Hey guys. For those who aren’t familiar, Celebrity Apprentice is a show hosted by Donald Trump. There are two teams of celebrities who compete in business challenges for charities. The concept sound bland, but it is a great show. It doesn’t feature huge celebrities (there are always a couple big names) and so this list is completely unrealistic, and would never happen, sadly. But you never know. Here’s team one: The guys.

Alias: The Silky Smooth Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Pizza Eatin’ Lemon Faced Crazed ‘Say WHAT again!’ Tigers

Team Members: Liam Neeson- He will whisper into the customer’s ears, telling them that they’re on a mission. He will say that in order to accomplish the mission, they must buy whatever he is selling.

Ewan McGregor- He will nod solemnly every time Liam talks to a customer about the mission. With him staring at the customer dramatically, the customer will buy things with haste and power.

Morgan Freeman- His voice alone will persuade the stingiest of customers.

Robert DeNiro- He will defend his teammates when Trump decides to fire one of them. In fact, DeNiro may just fire Trump.

Nicolas Cage- He will freak out every customer to the point of them buying the product just so that they could avoid his gaze.

Samuel L. Jackson- There’s got to be the intimidating black guy, and Samuel’s that guy. He will stare at Trump with DeNiro before he decides to fire anyone.

Adam Richman- He will handle all restaurant/food tasks automatically. He will pay for all the food himself and win the challenges with his own money. He will then eat the food.

Charlie Sheen- Every team sucks unless it’s WINNING. Charlie can supply that extra dose of adrenaline to the heart of his team, to make them WIN.

What’s YOUR pick for the guy’s team? Tell me in the comments. Here’s the female’s team.

Alias: Tomb Raider MI6 Swan Crazy Sauce 12 Years Old Most Hated Woman in America Cowgirl Alien Random Laughter Outbursts Overdramatized-s Group.

Angelina Jolie- Who would say no to her?

Judi Dench- This is the old woman from 007 who plays M. She’s too hardcore to reject a deal with.

Halle Berry- She is so off of her rocker that people will become so scared, to a degree, that they’ll do whatever she says right away, and then leave.

Ellen Page- They could use her a 13 year old girl to make everybody feel all lighthearted and whatnot, so they could buy the product.

Rebecca Black- She would annoy the hell out of Trump, and the American people would love to see her get fired.

Olivia Wild- No explanation needed.

Tom Cruise- He’ll laugh at random points of sales pitches, and it will become contagious, buying over the judges and keeping his team safe.

Ryan Seacrest- His charisma is slowly dying, but it would be interesting to see him mingle, don’t you think?

Here are my picks. What are YOURS? Tell me in the comments below




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