Find It Fridays #4

Wow. Despite this week’s riddle being the easiest one yet (in my opinion) there were no winners. Oh well. But there were some attempts. Here’s where the object, an airplane, was. I was on My Rage Page, under the Dark Knight Grumbly Voice Rage Segment. (it’s no longer there.)

Here’s the explanation for the riddle. The first line refers to the airplanes used as disposable weapons on September 11th. The second says how airplanes represent 9/11. The third refers to the movie The Executive Decision which took place on an airplane. (that could have been googled within seconds for an answer) The fourth explains that it’s on My Rage Page, where I made fun of Batman having throat cancer. Here’s this week’s riddle. If you win, you get a guest post on the home page. Here are the rules. Keep in mind all lines must be explained as well as the location revealed for the guess to count. 1 guess per week allowed.

Good luck.

People sounded off when they found out the truth,

When they casted Kravitz, they thought it was a spoof.

 This movie will be released on the 23rd despite this small complaint,

And I am hungry as well for this coming date.

The picture for this week is what represents this lore,

Don’t be fooled by what was there before



3 comments on “Find It Fridays #4

  1. ANSWER: Hunger Games!! (:
    The hidden picture can be found in the book reviews section, under Sci-Fi.
    Line descriptions:
    1: Though some people were happy that they were making a movie out of Suzanne Collin’s legendary novel, the Hunger Games, some people were turned-off by the idea, fearing that it would in no way live up to the immense intensity that the book had to offer.
    2: Kravitz. Who would cast Kravitz as Cinna. No.
    3: Not quite sure why there would be complaints over the movie’s air date. Help me out a bit?
    4: HUNGER games. Mmm.
    5 & 6: Don’t be fooled by thinking that the Hunger Games book cover is the thing that one must have to find in order to win the Find It Fridays. It is the actual LOGO for the Hunger Games.

    THANK YOU FOR HAVING FAITH IN ME, JOHNATHAN. Haha, I knew I would win one, one of these days. ;D ❤

    • WOW! Congrats Cass! The third line wasn’t worded as well as it could have been. The third line’s “complaint” refers to the line above about Cinna being casted as Kravitz. You over thought it cause I over…typed?…it. Haha. Well. Congrats. Submit your guest post to my email at, including a review, rage segment, polls, anything. Haha. You’ve got until Friday, so take ur time.It’ll be on on Friday. Congratulations. 🙂

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