Top 5 Movies I Look Forward to this Year

Here are my picks for the movies I look forward to seeing this year. They are  interchangeable at the moment, but all of them are must sees for me this year.


The Hobbit. I am almost through with the book, and I’m dying to finish it. And seeing how The Hobbit movie is being made by basically the same creators of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I’m ready for another epic movie. My only worry is that it takes itself too seriously. I always saw the dwarves as comedic relief, in a sense. It would be cool to see them kick some ass, but I hope that the fat dwarf, Bombur, isn’t the only one who makes us laugh. Lord of the Rings is serious, with good reason, but The Hobbit has an adventurous feel to it, for me. I have small fear, however, because the regrouping of the same crew.


There’s no trailer for this flick yet, but I can’t wait to see the new installment in the James Bond series. I love all the Bond films I get to see, and they have a rewatchability value that can’t be beaten. Skyfall…I have no clue what your name means…but I’m excited.


The Hunger Games. So close, yet so far away. I read the trilogy and loved it, and so I am extremely nervous, like all book fans who learn of it being adapted into a movie. Please, don’t suck. You could be so epic. Don’t screw it up, please. The movie’s been filmed. It’s done. It’s waiting eagerly in a box, so nothing can be changed, but don’t suck. Thanks for listening. Goodbye. Please don’t suck.


The Avengers. I have a post about my Hopes and Fears for it, and so those who follow the blog know what I want in it. But, to sum it up, all of our favorite superheroes (except Captain America. Sorry bro, you didn’t impress me) beating up bad guys in a crumbling city. And there’s Samuel L. Jackson. Can’t wait!


Nolan dominated the Dark Knight, and made the masterpiece Inception, so I know that he’ll sum up the Batman series well. In fact, I expect and hope for another masterpiece. Is it to much to ask? No. It’s Christopher Nolan…he can do anything when it comes to movies, and my expectations are high.

But enough about me. What do you want to see this year? Please comment below and give me your picks. I love hearing from you guys.



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