Holy…Is that…Peter Parker…in the Avengers trailer…?!

I know that you’ve just watched the trailer, searching the screen wildly with your eyes. But you won’t find a guy in a costume. (a Spiderman one, that is) But you may just see the guy with glasses at 0:06, at the left of the screen. He has something slung across his shoulder…a camera perhaps? Peter Parker works as a photographer, as everyone knows. What if…again WHAT IF…this were true? Spiderman is rumored to be in The Avengers, making a cameo appearance. What better way is there to advertise the new Spiderman movie than to include him with the biggest and baddest superhero movie perhaps to ever be made? Exactly. None. Stopping the trailer at appropriate timing to get a good glance can be difficult, so observe these pictures.

There’s a very, very small screenshot next to the picture of Andrew Garfield, and it’s easy to tell that their face and hair are nothing alike. (If you look REALLY, REALLY close) But, if Angelina Jolie, for example, was going to have a cameo in a movie, and they slyly placed her in the trailer, she’d be spotted, and the cameo would be ruined. The Avengers is a while away, and though Andrew Garfield isn’t as well know by any means as Jolie, he would be spotted in at least one of the plentiful trailer analysis available all around the web. So, my theory is this. You see that this guy has an object with him. If you watch in full screen HD 1080 p quality, you can see a brownish part leading off of the shoulder strap, presumably a bag. But a camera can be in a bag, last time I checked. The movie is still being worked on, and so a simple click of the mouse could change his face for this trailer, or, more simple of an explanation, there could have been a double in place.

This theory isn’t backed up by too much evidence. In fact, there is no evidence. All there is is a hunch to go off of. How crazy would it be if they “concealed” Parker in the trailer? When the movie is released and the scene of New Yorkers fleeing is shown, and the camera zooms into our suspected Parker, and he rips his shirt off and shoots himself up to a building with a desperate child in his arms, I will be proud to have guessed it. Cameos are short, hidden appearances in movies, not really advertised on by the movie creators, but this trailer may just shatter that rule.

SO! Comments. Questions? Let me know what you think of this. Hearing from you all makes my day.



3 comments on “Holy…Is that…Peter Parker…in the Avengers trailer…?!

  1. Yes, PLEASE. I honestly can’t say if this is true or not…I can’t even begin to guess, but it would be EPIC. Especially if everyone looked back at the trailer and was like, wait…he was there the whole time!?!? That would be super cool. Here’s to hoping you’re right.

    • If everyone looked back at the trailer and found him…that would go down in history….ok, maybe not that serious of a topic, but still! That would be nuts.

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