Find It Fridays #5

Congrats to Cass! She won this week’s riddle very only on, and so she has her guest post submitted to me already. It’s below this week’s riddle, and it’s a great piece. You should definitely read it. The object this week was a Hunger Games pin, obviously on the Hunger Games book review, on the Sci-Fi page. It is no longer there.

Here’s the explanation to last week’s riddle: The first line refers to how vocal the fans were when they found out about the Hunger Games movie. The second refers to how when Lenny Kravitz was casted as Cinna, they thought it was a joke, and were shocked and upset. The third states the release date for the movie. The fourth said that I was ‘hungry’ for the movie’s release. The last couplet says that the object for this week isn’t the pictures of the books under the review, but the pin, inserted in the review for this riddle.

Here’s this week’s riddle. Good luck to everyone. Unsure of how to play Find It Fridays? The rules are right here. Below is Cass’s guest post. Be sure to check it out and comment. Good luck once again.


Toasty! Skrillex was truly inspired by this very guy,

When he becomes a baby, we witness his dangerous cry. 

This “guy” wasn’t a man, this 2011, but rather a beast,

The intelligence at Netherrealm must have decreased.

This picture this week is bigger than the others,

But don’t be confused, it scrambles the letters.

(yes, that was a slant rhyme. What do you want from my life? Oh, and the picture is in the man form)

Here is Cass’s post. Enjoy:)

RANT: My irrational fears and quirks.

Hello, world. I am Cass, D-dog’s 2,000-mile-away-best-friend. I am the winner of this week’s Find It Friday, and I have decided to write a rant segment describing a handful of irrational fears I have. I thought it would be something interesting to read. Before we begin, let me assure you, though this excerpt meant to be quite humorous and interesting, I do hate the fact that I have all of these ‘out-there’ irrational fears, therefore this is technically a “rant.”

1) Someone’s under the bed. Ever since the mere age of about nine or ten years old, I have been a constant horror movie watcher. This may or may not have contributed to my irrational fear that there is someone tucked away underneath my bed, waiting malevolently for me to place my feet on the ground, only so they can snatch my ankles and pull me under. I also believe that my 9 year-old sister has coincidentally developed the same fear as me, for she absolutely refuses to get up for any reason during the night. I guess it runs in the family?

2) Falling through the grates on the sidewalk. Being a New York City-goer for a good chunk of my life, I have been walking on grate-filled sidewalks for quite some time. And LET me tell you how incredibly scared I am that the narrow, intersecting strands of metal will simply give way because of the constant stepping from the heavy people walking on them. Oh, and never mind just the falling into the dark pit of despair, but what happens AFTER you fall in? Are there mole people that engulf you and your soul? Rat people, even? That carry you through the grate trails underneath the cement? Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

3) My car driving past the end of our driveway. Though not necessarily “irrational” because it very well could happen… (UGH)… I have the persistent dread that when my mom pulls into our driveway, the breaks in our vehicle will fail us, and our car will be sent flying off the two foot elevation an the end of our driveway, like at the end of the “Friday” video spoof by BrocksDub. Watching that video unequivocally made this fear 10x worse.

4) There’s a tiger in the shower. Whenever I am in the bathroom, I absolutely MUST have both of the shower doors slid to one side, so I can clearly see into it, reassuring me that there is, in fact, not a wild beast waiting to pounce at me while I pee. I have had this irrational fear since I was about 6, believe it or not, and it still affects me to this day, but to a lesser extent. It was pretty bed when I was younger. I wouldn’t even step into the bathroom without going into the shower and looking around at the enclosed space before I did.. I know. I was a crazy 6 year-old.

And a little quirk of mine… though, again, it isn’t quite an irrational fear as much as it is something that I oddly must do. Whenever my parents leave me home alone, for whatever reason, I involentarily tend to turn on every single light in my house. Is my brain trying to tell me something?! What is causing this unintentional madness?

Well, I applaud you for reading through this short passage.

Do you have any fears or weird things that you are abnormally inclined to do?

Happy internet-ing, and keep reading D-dog’s blog!

– Cass 


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