Find It Fridays Follow-Up

Hey guys. So, there’s no Find It Fridays this week, but it’s for a good reason. You’ll find out why soon enough. But, for those who got stumped, here’s the explanation to last week’s riddle: (the picture was of Reptile, on the Fighting Page under Video Games, in the MK Review. It is no longer there)

The first line refers to the famous Mortal Kombat line “Toasty!” This line is featured in Skrillex’s song, Reptile. When Reptile becomes a baby as a result of a Babality, he cries acid. The third line refers to how Reptile’s character this year wasn’t a man, like he was on previous games, but an actual reptile. The fourth line refers to how Netherrealm studios, primarily known for their work on Mortal Kombat, dumbly changed Reptile to an actual reptile. The last couple of lines simply explain that this week’s picture of Reptile is bigger than FIF’s pictures typically are, but you could spot it because it scrambles the body text.

There’s a big post coming soon. Look forward to it



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