Find It Fridays Results #6

Hello everyone. Ah, how unfortunate. I threw out a lot of hints this week, yet nobody figured out the riddle. The answer was the Incredibles, represented by the Incredibles insignia. Here’s where the picture was. (it is no longer there)

The Incredibles is the center of this week’s riddle.The explanation to this week’s riddle is as follows. The first line describes how Mr. Incredible gained weight and then lost it. His friend, Edna Mode, tells Mr. Incredible that his new costume will not include a cape. The third line talks about how Dash was told to run if anything happened, and he did. The fourth is referring to Violet, who was always shy and seemingly glum. The fifth is saying how ‘blue’ isn’t as fitting as purple, because her name is Violet. The sixth is a reference to how whether she was standing or sitting, we wouldn’t know, because she could become invisible. The next line is simply saying that Jack Jack, the baby, is the coolest, but then I finish saying Samuel L. Jackson’s character could be cooler, freezing omnidroids, because he has the ability to freeze.

Wow. What an explanation. Here is this week’s riddle. Good luck! Winner gets a Guest Post, as always, and it could include anything you would like, such as polls, a rage segment, review, video, advertisement, anything! You own the home page for a week if you get the riddle. Good luck once again! Here’s this week’s riddle! You have a week from today to answer it.

What is the object this week, where can it be?

I’ll tell you in a minute, first let me pea.

Shoot, I think I already told you, ah, what a shame,

But you still don’t know where, see, I’m good at this game.

It is above where I spoke of a horrible condition,

 and under where I told of a popcorn-selling magician.

Best of luck.



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