My Plans for Gamerscene

Hello everyone. Things are about to get serious. There are going to be some changes around here.


Calm down, my friend. I decided to start a posting schedule.


Chill out, it’s simple. Allow me to explain. A posting schedule is simple a routinely schedule I will stick to when it comes to posting things on the home page of the blog. Reviews, Rage Segments, and Polls are going to be completely random, like always, but posts on the home page will be on certain days. Here’s the schedule I’ve thought up so far *Note: It will not be put in effect until Friday. Votes are needed on the poll before I move on:

Movie Mondays: I report on the week’s movie news. I just realized how up to date I am concerning movies, and sharing that here makes complete sense. I would also leave a poll for you to vote on concerning what movie you would like me to review. This will be posted every Monday.

Find-It Fridays: The usual scavenger hunt held every Friday until the next one. Unsure of the rules? Scroll down a bit, they are deep in the bowels of the home page.

Between Monday and Friday, I would post something random, whether it be a featured review, a mini-series post, or whatever it may be. I really want to do some sort of other series, and here are two ideas. Vote on your favorite, and I will attempt it. So vote below, and leave a comment with an idea. To stay up-to-date with all of my posts, hit follow on the right bar, and you’ll be notified of every post by email, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Here are the explanations for the two choices below. Please vote:

Think-A-Bit Thursdays*(I would personally enjoy this more ;): I get deep. A new topic every week will keep this series fresh. I get philosophical and analyze points brought up in movies. Points that get the human mind thinking: is this correct? Or, why did they act this way? I’ll take a look at concepts and characters and talk about them. It’ll be a bit out of my expertise, but hey, why not?

Shooter Saturdays: I talk about what’s new with Black Ops 2. More news is being released every day. I could cover it through this post.

So comment with your own ideas and vote above!



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