Find It Fridays #8

Hello everybody! Here is the riddle for this week. I apologize for it being up late. I had some internet issues. If you win, you get a guest post. Some ideas? A review, rage segment, advertisement, list of favorite movies/games, videos, polls, news, anything. You own the home page for a week with a post! Now that you’re inspired, let’s get to it. Good luck! Need a boost? Like gamerscene on Facebook here to get hints throughout the week to help you.

It starts with a purple dinosaur, one who may also dress for less,

And then there’s a holiday, here’s a hint, Christmas.

Next is a former Ram, who hates his son Chris,

And there’s of course the Jet, who is Asian, not Swiss.

I used ‘Swiss’ because I needed a strong rhyme,

It has no significance, don’t waste your time.

The Governor also joined in, but he wasn’t alone,

 Church was there too, I guess his watch was at home.

Good luck! No explanation required, just a comment saying where the picture is, what it is of, and under what review or rage segment. Below is the guest post from Sgt. Hell, last FIFridays winner. Show him some love and like up the poll.

Until next time!



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