The Avengers Review

Don’t worry everybody. No spoilers here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my spoiler free breakdown. This is the Avengers.

[cue epic music]

The two key points to this highly anticipated movie are characters and plot. The characters are everything we wanted them to be and more. They each get their fair share of screen time. Are you a fan of Iron Man? Don’t fret, lost cub. There is plenty of the Iron Man. What about Captain America? Be calm, young buck. He is present. All of these heroes kick some ass. Everybody gets their fair share of moments, lines, and scenes. If I had to choose, I would say that Hawkeye got the short end of the stick. But he still contributed and had some great moments. Renner defines Hawkeye very well, and he nails the character’s attitude perfectly. What about Black Widow? Did she hold her own? Yes, she did. In fact, she was very involved in this movie, with a lot of screen time. I liked her in this movie more than I did in Iron Man 2. Robert Downey Jr. was remarkable as Tony Stark, which is no surprise. Tony Stark is just the cockier version of himself. He plays the character in real life, which is why he pulls it off. Thor is shown kicking some ass more than he did in his own movie, and he uses some lightning, which is always cool. Captain America stayed true to his soldierish, leader personality, but I still think he’s lame. When he didn’t have his shield or a weapon at one point, he grabbed a piece of rubble and chucked it at the bad guy. It was hilarious to me. He’s chock full of corny lines, being from WWII. I’m not complaining, I just don’t like his character. The agents in the movie, including Nick Fury, each had their moments. And, of course, I have to talk about the Hulk. He stole the show, with the best lines, moments, and scenes. Ruffalo played him better than Norton did. Yep, he pulled it off. The Hulk even looks like Ruffalo. And now the bad guy, Loki. He was even more sinister than he was in Thor, and he gets his hands dirtier than before. All of these characters get their spotlight moments, and subtle things happen that pay homage to their original movies. The fact is, these big egos pulled it off together. Very well. Nerds will have their share of geek, no doubt about it.

Next up is the plot. How did it flow? Very well. The beginning part of the movie shows your favorite characters getting recruited. At first, it seems almost surreal. These guys were actually in a movie together. Then, once the team is assembled, the movie takes off and there are multiple conflicts, etc. There were no parts that dragged or went too quickly. I must say, though. The end of the movie was nuts. You see how every Avenger is critical to the team. I wish I could elaborate more, but I am a spoiler-free type of guy. There was also a ton of humor. I found myself laughing, and at times, the whole theater burst into laughter. For an action movie, it had some nicely pulled off humor. Everyone gets their time in the spotlight, everybody kicks some ass, and everyone contributes a dish to the dinner table. The Avengers is a Filet. We see our characters interact, and there are plenty of memorable scenes and action-packed moments. Joss Whedon meshed these personalities together and made a well-composed movie. I couldn’t have asked for more. The only thing that wasn’t explained well was how Thor came to Earth. It is discussed in Thor that there are other ways to travel rather than the bridge, but it isn’t clearly defined here for those who cannot fill in the blanks. But that’s a passable thing. The Avengers was awesome. It looked great, sounded great, and I’m sure it tasted great too. I didn’t have an opportunity to lick the screen on my way out of the theater.

Note: I saw it in 3d, and while it didn’t detract from the experience in any way, it didn’t really enhance it either. No need for 3d with this one.


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