Find It Fridays #9

Hello everyone! Before you start reading, check out Think-a-Bit Thursday below if you haven’t already. Anyways, let’s start. Last week’s riddle has been solved by Sgt Hell once again. I think he’s on a streak. You guys could tackle him I’m sure. Try to participate if you haven’t before. You may just find your fancies tickled in the end. Last week’s riddle was on the Spy/War/Action Page under Movie Reviews, under the Expendables review. It was the Expendables skull logo.

The explanation for last week’s riddle is as follows: The first lines refers to Barney, the purple dinosaur, and Ross, whose motto is Dress for Less. Sylvester Stallone’s name in the Expendables was Barney Ross. The second line refers to Jason Statham’s character, Christmas. The third line refers to Terry Crews, who is a former member of the Rams NFL team, and who plays the father in the show ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ The fourth line refers to Jet Li, who is obviously Asian. The 7th line refers to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cameo in the movie, and the last refers to Bruce Willis, whose character’s name was Church. The watch bit was a reference to arguably his most famous character, from Pulp Fiction.

Here is this week’s riddle. The winner gets a guest post about anything they would like. After the riddle here is Sgt Hell’s guest post. He asks me a fan question. Check it out.

A Sly riddle, I promise, this one will be,

A fat hippo, a Procyon lotor, and wise Bentley.

They are being chased by a foxy cop and travelling around the world,

Canada, India, they’re looking for the bird.

Bison and Tiger, a host of bad guys who could be the one, 

it was the short musical bird, yes, this is a pun.

Here is Sgt Hell’s guest post. It is a fan question. He asks: What gave you the original idea and inspiration for your website? 

Sgt. Hell, I was actually inspired to do this by a cousin of mine. He has a blog where he reviews video games, and he uses WordPress. Every time I went over his house, he was always editing his blog. I saw how he did it, and it seemed like I could do it as well. Though I wanted to focus more on movies, he did inspire me to start the blog. Here’s the link to his blog. It has slowed down, however. There are four people that edit the blog, and so there have been some power struggles. Still, he has announced that he feels that they will get busy with the blog soon. It’s good if you like video games and Nintendo in general. If I never saw my cousin working on his blog, I would probably never have found WordPress. Thanks for the question!



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