Think-A-Bit Thursday: The Ides of March and Power

I haven’t been feeling so great the past few days. I had a fever of 102.4 on Monday, and I have been recovering slowly since. That’s why I hadn’t posted this in the morning. And I’m sorry for that. I don’t usually get sick. But, it’s here! The second Think a Bit Thursday! Last week we talked about motivation. I said that religion was the most powerful motivator after weighing some options. In the comments, my viewers didn’t exactly agree completely with the religion idea, which is great. I got you thinking. I got myself thinking. That’s all I want for this series. You guys said that family, passion, and survival are the strongest motivators. I read into your points and considered your views. It was awesome. I heard my viewers and their diverse ideas! Thanks for the support, and I look forward to seeing it continue 🙂

But, this Thursday features a new movie: The Ides of March. For those who haven’t seen it, I rated it as a Filet. It is about the campaign of George Clooney’s character in the race for presidency. It is all about how politics is dirty and nobody involved in it can avoid its corruption. We see how hard Clooney fights to become president, and we see that it is no easy battle. The same holds true in reality. Elections are long and corrupt.

But this post isn’t about the corruption part. It is about the power part. The question I’ll be analyzing this week is: Why do people feel the need to have extreme power? I’m not talking about being high-up in a job, I’m talking president-scale. Why does a president want to be in the position he is in?

Now, it’s important to note that there is a difference between wanting to be a leader and wanting to be in power. Let’s clarify what wanting to be a leader is so we don’t get confused. A leader is a person who guides his or her group in the right direction for the the well being of it. I am personally the type of person who needs to lead a group whenever I am in one. I need to coordinate things, organize things, and understand what the group’s status is at all times. I feel the need to lead because that’s just how I personally am. I cannot sit back and let other people take control over something that is going to effect me. That’s why I lead.

Leading is done for the good of the people involved in the group. I would not consider all of our presidents leaders. They may be authority figures, but to be a leader, one must lead. This is why I wonder: Why would somebody put themselves in a president’s position? For power, of course.

Not for money, not for fame, not for respect. For power. The pay of a president? About 400,000 dollars a year. Snooki makes 100,000 dollars per episode of Jersey Shore. So the president isn’t in it for money. Getting into politics to get positive attention isn’t rational, so it can’t be for fame. And for respect?…not much of that from anyone to political figures nowadays. You control the nation. You have tons of responsibility that will effect millions of lives. You will change the future. The US President is known for having the most stressful job ever. So why does power influence a person to become a president?

I personally cannot fathom the idea. I don’t understand why some people cannot just be part of society. Who can’t settle into a town and just live. Live with taxes. Live with property. Live with family. Have your life go on with the government working the country. We all think that we could do better in a president’s shoes when a bad law is passed, but politics is a slow, boring, stale, tainted process. Most of us cannot and will not become a president. That is because we just want to live. To experience life like everybody else.

That’s why I can’t figure it out. I can’t understand the handful of people who want to take on this volcano of a country. Not because it is America, but because the whole idea of having that much power. Why is it so attractive? Why can’t people just settle down in a community and do what everybody else does? Work, socialize, go on with life. As a president, four years of your life are spent under criticism and analysis. Four years of your life is spent under a mammoth amount of stress. Four years of your life is spent in a spotlight, and everybody is there to judge you. I can’t imagine or understand it. Is power really that luring? Power over a company or household is reasonable. It is manageable. Stressful, I’m sure, but manageable. But for a person to have power in exchange for the above things…is it worth it?

Hitler is another example. He wanted power. He received power. Why did he feel so strongly that he had to get up from the couch and act on his impulse? We all say that we can change things and influence others, and some of us can and will at some point or many points in our lifetime. But becoming president isn’t the way to do that. Writing, broadcasting, movie-making, videos, games, plays, conversations, connections. We can gain power through promotions and hard work. But becoming president to fulfill the need to change things is just too grand. I see myself as a leader, and even I can’t understand these people who strive to take the reigns for themselves and ride an untamed horse. I know that some people want control, but control is different from power. Control is being able to change something quicker than blinking. Power is the ability to exercise control. It seems like control is more beneficial, but in a loose government like the US’s, total control isn’t possible. So the second-best candidate for that is power.

I am aware of the benefits of the president. Prestige that makes every person who has worked their whole life to reach success cry. The ability to fly anywhere, any time. To do anything. Want a jetpack? Here you go. You want to add money to the Department of Defense? You can do that. Of course, you would probably get impeached for demanding a jetpack and you cannot just move money without the consent of Congress, but my point is, you are going to be so busy and buried in work and responsibility that you clearly are not going to go on a cruise to the Bahamas while you’re in office. You’re going to have to do your job while you’re president. So you have power, but you cannot exercise the luxury aspect of it. You use it to change the nation and carry out deeds with the intention of helping the country, not for first-class flights to exotic jungles.

Some may say that people just need that much power at their fingertips. After all, how can you be more successful than achieving presidential office? But still. Government is dealing with lives, not numbers and sales. The President isn’t the CEO of a business. A president makes crucial decisions that impact my life and your life. To have power over all of us seems glorious. Maybe people who become president are so much more secure knowing that they can change our lives whenever they would like. Why do they have that mental security while being in power?

The answer is here: For the same reason that one becomes a leader: When somebody is a leader, they don’t feel like they are handing their lives over to somebody else. They are conducting the train, they aren’t passengers. They are the ones driving it. But if the the train crashes, the conductor dies too. If the government fails and the president is effected along with the people, who is to blame? That is why they want the power. When the king is in rags and is begging with his people, he is back to where he started: a citizen.

Isn’t that the greatest power? To determine the fate of millions of people? But how confident can one be in their political knowledge that they can move the nation’s spine back in the right place? Being confident in a physical ability, like a sport, is reasonable. But a whole country is unpredictable. That’s why I am still puzzled. Why do people feel the need to have extreme power? Why does a president want to be in the position he is in? The above paragraph tries to answer those questions, but you may not agree with what I believe. This has been Think a Bit Thursday. Thanks for reading. Leave me your thoughts.



4 comments on “Think-A-Bit Thursday: The Ides of March and Power

  1. I think the answer is two-fold. On the one hand, there are people can’t sit idly by when they see something going wrong with the country (of course, that’s an opinion, as it’s up to them to decide what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” in their eyes). So, they feel that they can do a better job by being the next in line – the next president. How anyone can feel like they have the ability to “correct” the country and lead it is beyond me – but I’m not bashing anyone here. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    The second part is for the history books. Who wouldn’t want to go down as one of the leaders of this country? To be immortalized forever in the pages of a textbook? Regardless of what everyone thinks about you, of whether you’re portrayed positively or negatively, is almost irrelevant. How could you not be proud to say, “Yeah, you can find me on page 403.”

    • I completely see where you are coming from for the first one. I was talking about it with my dad. He was saying how starting as a senator or governor or mayor, politicians start off easy. They may do well in their office, and they eventually feel like they have the answer to the problems of the nation. Just like I think I am a decent writer, and want to continue to grow, politicians feel like they want to get to the next level, just like a person in any other job. They feel like they know the ropes. So they try for it, because they have a master plan. What usually happens is that they get to office and realize that a state is a much smaller fish than the nation.

      And to the second point, I understand, but I don’t actually understand. I don’t understand because fame has never been attractive to ME. I can’t wrap my head around being president for text book pages. But I do understand your point. It’s more extreme, but still valid. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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