Find It Friday #10

Congrats to sapphire11! He got last week’s riddle. Before I start, Think a Bit Thursday is right below this post. Check it out! The answer was Sly Cooper, which was on the Strategy/Platformers Page under Video Game Reviews. Sapphire’s guest post is below this week’s riddle.

The picture is no longer there.

The explanation to last week’s riddle is as follows: The first line refers to Sly Cooper of course. I capitalize the word ‘sly.’ The second refers to the team: the fat hippo, Murray, the smart Bentley, and Sly, the raccoon, whose scientific name is given. The third talks about the foxy cop Carmelita Fox, and how the gang is travelling around the world. The fourth is about how they travel to Canada and India to find the clockwork bird pieces. The fifth refers to the tiger and bison characters who could be the mastermind behind the theft, and the last is the bird Arpeggio (which is a music note)

And now for this week’s riddle! Good luck! Below is sapphire’s awesome guest post, which is about his love for music. You should definitely check it out! ALSO! This riddle IS NOT MINE! HINT HINT! I decided to soften up this week because last week’s riddle made some of you struggle.

After this line, this riddle isn’t mine:

Ten Little Soldier Boys:

Ten little Soldier boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.
Nine little Soldier boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.
Eight little Soldier boys travelling in Devon;
One said he’d stay there and then there were seven.
Seven little Soldier boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.
Six little Soldier boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.
Five little Soldier boys going in for law;
One got in Chancery and then there were four.
Four little Soldier boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.
Three little Soldier boys walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.
Two Little Soldier boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Soldier boy left all alone;
He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.

 Again, that riddle wasn’t mine. I did not create it. I just want to make sure everybody knows so I am not accused of stealing riddles. Every other riddle before this has been mine. But, like I said, I wanted to make this one easier. Below is sapphire’s post on music. He has a very interesting viewpoint on it.

      Hello everyone my name is Sapphire11 and I am Ddog’s cousin for those of you who do not know and here is my guest post. Before I start though I am sure Ddog has told you guys that I also have a blog and if you are into gaming then check it out.  Now I could have done a rant on how I do not like COD, or give you a bio about myself, or something video game related but you can find that elsewhere.  For my guest post I will talk about Music and how it makes our lives better. Now music can change the emotions of a person depending on what we are listening to. The most popular genres of music are: Rock, Rap (I do not consider Rap music but I know many people love it), Hip Hop, Pop, Metal and Alternative.  Now there are many forms of Rock Metal, and Alternative but for the sake of this post we will just keep it general. There are also other genres out there like Techno, R&B, Dance, Electronic, etc. The list can go on and on. I have many favorite band out there and you can find a list of them here on my other blog>> Go to that site if you want to learn more about me personally. Now that list can go on and on but Music is an essence of life and without it life itself is meaningless.  Music can also tell a story or have meaning and that is what sets up the good artists from the bad ones. An example of this is the band Skillet. They are a Christian Rock band and many of their songs are about either life problems, issues the band members have, and of course religion. Their music speaks out to me and some of the problems the songs talk about are true. You should look them up on Wikipedia and really see what some of the songs or albums talk about. Personally I think most crap we hear on the radio now makes no sense or is about sex, drugs, violence, and money.  Different types of music can also change our emotions, and also can make our day better. No matter if you like rap, rock, or even classical all music can change our lives for better or for worse and can really change the way we look at life. My suggestion to you guys though is to not just listen to one genre of music or the same artist over and over again and expand your music library. I actually collect CD’s and I have 40 so far and it is so fun to listen to different kinds of music and see how good or bad certain artists are. Also, listen to an album from track to track because you can find the meaning of it if it has one and you can find a song or songs that you like that are not really popular. For instance on Avenged Sevenfold’s self-titled ablum I love the song Lost which a lot of people do not know and it is one of my favorites. I also recently found out the song is auto-tuned a bit which shocked me at first because autotune is fake singing, but I know M. Shadows used it to be different and he makes it sound good, and you can still hear his true voice in that song. Before I end my post I want to say how a certain album and how  a certain song changes my mood and makes me happy. Finger Eleven’s  newest album, Life Turns Electric always gets me in a happy mood because every song on that album can easily make someone’s day brighter and get you in a good mood. Now for the song, it is Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold and it my favorite song of all time. This song has a great meaning and the title is also a great saying that means in short: Make the Day yours and do not worry about tomorrow and just focus on today. I would like to say more but for now that is all. Thanks Ddog for the guest post and I will probably make a video in the future explaining this in further detail. Make sure to check out my website and my YouTube channel for more content and comments are always welcomed. Oh and of course comment on this blog and thank you all for reading!

Seize the Day ~sapphire11


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