Think-a-Bit Thursday: Immortals and Immortality

Hello everyone! No Find It Fridays this week. I have 12 more days of being busy and then I’m free ready to pump out some more posts. I’m pressed for time right now. But, I was able to make Think a Bit Thursday this week. Last week on Think a Bit Thursday we talked about the Ides of March and Power. Check it out here if you have not already and please comment. This week, we have a different movie that we’ll be focusing on: Immortals.

This movie is a highly stylistic Greek mythology movie, which was very untrue to mythology, to an embarrassing rate. Was it a good movie? Not really. But it brings to mind an interesting point: immortality. I don’t think that anyone in this film is actually immortal, (the gods can bleed and be butchered, apparently) but what a better excuse for talking about this topic than using a movie with it as its title?

The question I’ll be going over this week is: Is immortality worth it?

As of right now, there is no scientific or medical way to make a human being immortal. (unable to die) As medical and scientific advances are made, we are able to extend our life longer than the original lifespan of a person hundreds of years ago. But we cannot become immortal, and I don’t believe that we will every acquire a super drug that can keep a human alive forever, or anything similar to it. Too much can go wrong with the human body, and there are too many parts to maintain to keep it in a healthy balance that is stable enough to keep a person alive forever.

But let’s assume that an irreversible immortality pill was offered to you. Would you take it?  If a person offered you a drug that, if you simply swallowed, would allow you to live forever? Personally, I don’t think immortality is worth it. What is ‘it’ exactly? Well, think of everything that you’d have to live through if you were immortal. To see every one of your family members and friends pass away. Every single one. What about living when things are bad? Your job. Your school. The economy. To live through all that, even after your family and friends have died. Having kids won’t solve the issue. You’ll see your kids spouse die as well. That alone is enough to make me say no.

Then there’s the question of morality. I believe that everybody should live and then die whenever their time has come. God should be the only force in the universe that never dies. Staying alive forever is like trying to make yourself like God. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Humans are created to live and die.

But I can’t ignore the benefits, however. Who WOULDN’T want to see how technology evolves? I want to experience holograms and flying cars and 3D without glasses. I want to see the future of sports. I want to see the next era of movies. Everybody wants to live and carry on with their life. We all want to see the future of the earth we live on. But it’s just not correct to live forever.

We see power-hungry villains obsess about immortality all the time. That’s because they’re characters. We never see villains consider the negative outcomes that I brought up before. Nonetheless, those outcomes are inevitable. I don’t believe that immortality is worth it, because I don’t believe it is correct to begin with. Do I feel the desire to carry on with life and see what innovations are to come? Of course. But I know my place, and it’s not to live forever. What do you guys think? Allow me to restate the question: Is immortality worth it? Comment and let me know. Thanks for reading



2 comments on “Think-a-Bit Thursday: Immortals and Immortality

  1. As an entire race – absolutely not. I completely agree. We should not live forever. Think of how horrible that would be. We’d be like a virus spreading from planet to planet all across the universe just trying to find enough room to live.

    As for myself? Probably not. I say probably because think of all the things you could do for people, for the planet! Maybe if I were immortal I’d have far more ability to do the right things than I do now. I’m feeling a little Doctor Who coming on…anyone got a spare TARDIS?

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