Q and A with Ddog

Hello everyone! I was just hit in the head with an idea. And it felt great. I have seen Q and A’s popping up everywhere, and I don’t want to be left out. SO! Next week, I want to do a Q and A post. Questions and Answers. All I want you guys to do is leave a comment with a list of questions you want me to answer next week. Although the Q and A is going to be posted next week, I need the questions this week, so I could prepare the post. Whether it be about the site, about myself, about anything, ask it. I’ll be selecting as many as I can, so comment away! 🙂 Instead of just doing a post, I was thinking that I could do a video instead, if you guys are interested. A Q and A video. Would you guys like that more? Vote on the poll below. You could also ask questions through a comment on Facebook on the gamerscene page, which is right here. So please comment on this post with your questions whenever they come to you. A Q and A doesn’t work without the Q part. I look forward to your questions 🙂



9 comments on “Q and A with Ddog

  1. Here’s some really (really) random questions, just in case you don’t get enough: your best/favorite review and/or rage segment and why. All time worst film you’ve seen? How many DVDs do you own and which one have you watched the most? What movie would you love to see remade? Which book would you love to see on the big screen? Who is one author you find completely underrated? And….that’s all I’ve got, lol.

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  3. I have some questions for you ddog. first of all I would like to know where you go the idea for the meat rating system you use. What is your opinion on James Cameron and his decision to only go with Avatar for the rest of his career? and what do you think about Blacks Ops 2? Are you looking forward to playing it or not and why? that’s all. Thanks!

  4. Ddog I have a question for your Q and A session. Did you ever hang out at a night club with the cast of Jersey Shore while getting your freak on?

  5. Since you asked me some questions for my Q and A, I will return the favor and ask you questions and a baker’s dozen of them to be exact. I could have asked more but I will wait for when you come and visit me and the rest of our family.

    1. Would you ever collect trading cards again?
    2. What video games, books, or movies do you not like and cannot stand
    3. How are you with the ladies? (You asked me this one but I thought it would be funny to see your answer to this one)
    4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    5. Who has had the most influence on your life and who inspires you to do the things you love?
    6. Who are your closest friends since you moved?
    7. Do you like anime and if so which shows?
    8. What did you think about E3 this year and what games are you exited for?
    9. Why do you like Call of Duty?
    10. Will you buy a 3DS?
    11. Name some of your favorite artists/bands and why you like them.
    12. Who got you to like these artists?
    13. Why do you love blogging so much and how do you get yourself to constantly update your blog?

    It was tough thinking of some since we are cousins and that is why it took a while for me to ask some questions, but I hope these are good enough and help make this Q and A better. Also make it a video and put that video in a post like me with my Game Press videos. It would be nice to see your reactions towards the Q and A.

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