Movie Monday: Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer, X-Men Sequel Release Date, Avengers Breaks More Records

Hello everyone! Let’s do this. Oh! And leave some questions for the upcoming Q and A on this post, or on any post, for that matter.

There is a new trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Earlier this year, you probably saw the teaser for this movie. Now, it finally has a full trailer that gives you an idea about the plot. Don’t be discouraged by the title. Take a look.

I’m not counting it out because of the concept. I still have hope for it. It’s based on a book. That means that this isn’t a Hollywood con with no brain or substance. It could be created into one, but I feel safe knowing that it’s from a book. Plus, it’s from the director of Wanted. Therefore there are going to definitely be plenty of hardcore action scenes. Let’s mute the haters and speculators for a second, and give this movie a try. I’m not defending it, I’m being reasonable.

Next, the release date for the X-Men: First Class sequel has been revealed. It will debut on July 18th, 2014. Production for it will start early in 2013. I am not too excited, because the first movie let me down. I had very high hopes due to the critic response to the film, and it turned out to be underwhelming. Maybe I hyped myself up too much…?

The Avengers is now the Number 3 top grossing film of all time, domestically and worldwide, beating out the Dark Knight and Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2. It has grossed 538.1 million dollars in the US, and an overall 1,331.3 billion. It would have to take down Titanic and Avatar to reach #1. I don’t think it will reach #1.

I’m going to go overfill my brain with E3. See you guys later! 🙂


2 comments on “Movie Monday: Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer, X-Men Sequel Release Date, Avengers Breaks More Records

  1. I’m really, really excited for the Abe Lincoln movie. I don’t know why, because the idea of it kind of sounds ridiculous. But the style of the movie looks great and I love these speculative fiction things! I hope it delivers.

  2. I wonder if ALVH could’ve been inspired by my
    “Everybody Loves Darwin The Vampire Slayer”
    comedy bit.
    Thievery. . .amongst DNA. . . . .IN HOLLYWOOD!!!
    Nay, couldn’t be.
    Most assuredly not with the FBI (Filmmakers’ Bitches Incorporated) watching over we all.

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