When is it OK to give spoilers?

For those who are not familiar, there are absolutely no spoilers on this blog, and there never will be. Gamerscene is spoiler-free. You can read every review with no fear of spoilers attacking from the shadows. But critics are quite different. Some critics include spoilers in their reviews all the time. Others include spoilers when the movie is released to DVD. Some wait years before bringing up spoilers in text. This is what I’ll be talking about today. When is it OK to say, “Hey, remember how in Inception….” and then spoil the end and talk about the movie as if the person has already seen it? When can we throw away spoiler alerts and just spill everything?

I hate spoilers. I really do. I don’t care if a movie is a year old, or two years old, or ten years old. I don’t think that reviews should contain spoilers. At all. There are plenty of classics that I have yet to see. If critics spill the details about classic movies, it could potentially ruin the experience for someone. Personally, I take the smart approach. I don’t read random reviews or take the word of people I stumble across over Rotten Tomatoes or  IMDB. I have specific critics that I watch that have spoiler free reviews, and who have the same type of likes and dislikes than me. The matter of movie opinion is a whole other post for a later time, but it helps to watch/read critics that share similar views as you. Who are these critics? That is for another post as well.

Truthfully, even though Fight Club and the Godfather and Goodfellas and American Beauty have all been out for a while, spoilers are not acceptable. When one reviews a movie, they can simply talk about what did and did not work. They do not have to blabber on about the final scene and this and that. It ruins the movie viewing experience for the viewer. Therefore, do not be nervous while reading my reviews. They will always be spoiler free, because I am anti-spoilers all the way. In person, even, it is not appropriate to provide spoilers. It is all a very simple concept. Just because the Godfather is an older movie, it does not grant you the right to talk about it freely and spoiler it for someone who has not seen it. It may be old to you, but it’s new to me. Movies are not old and then new. They are all individual movie experiences. I may enjoy the Godfather just as much as someone from 15 years ago. Spoilers are not cool. Period.

What do you think about spoilers? Are they ever acceptable? Comment below, and if you have not, leave some questions for the upcoming Q and A with me:)



3 comments on “When is it OK to give spoilers?

  1. Here are my thoughts. If you’re on the internet, you’re putting yourself at risk. If you look for reviews, it’s your fault if you run into spoilers. If it’s THAT big of a deal to you, just stay away. We all had to do it with Harry Potter (seventh book, anyone?). It’s not that hard.

    With that being said…I agree with you, LOL. I don’t like spoilers either, though I’m coming to terms with some of them since I can’t always avoid them with my job at Hypable. I think putting spoilers in a review – or anything else for that matter – is up to the reviewer. I have to do it sometimes because I feel it’s necessary for the purpose of discussion. However, as common courtesy, it would be appropriate to put SPOILER WARNING either at the beginning or in the area where you drift away from just a strict critique of the movie.

    And although I agree with you that older pieces of works (movies, shows, books, etc.) might not have been seen by everyone (this is coming from the person who has yet to see the Godfather, Star Wars, Scar Face, etc.), there comes a point when you just have to decide that it’s been long enough. When having a discussion (I’m specifically thinking about podcasts here), you need to let some spoilers drop in order to prove points. If it’s been that long, obviously it’s not THAT important to you, or you would’ve found a way to watch/read the material sooner.

    • I understand. The internet is a free place, and in order to analyze a point you did or did not like in a review, you have to spoil something. I just am not a fan of them myself, but people DO have a right to post spoilers.

  2. As long as somebody puts: “WARNING SOPILERS ALERT! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!” Then its fine because it only ruins it for the person watching the spoilers. I watched spoilers for Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn before it came out (even though my cousin and I knew a squal was comming after a conversation that a character had in the prequal to Radiant Dawn) and it did ruin the game a bit for me, but I still enjoyed the game and it is my favorite Wii game of all time.

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