Movie Monday: Justice League Movie, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Venom Movies, Green Lantern Reboot?, Hangover 3, Terminators 4 and 5, Django Unchained Trailer

And I was afraid of slow news weeks. This week has been HUGE for the entertainment industry. While you carried out your daily life these past 7 days, so much has been going on  in Hollywood. Let’s get right to it.

The Justice League movie has been announced. Try to comprehend the weight of this. Superman. Batman. The Flash. Green Lantern. Wonder Woman. The people behind this upcoming project say that this movie is not a response to the recent box office success of the Avengers. That’s hilarious. Nonetheless, this movie is happening. We don’t have a set release year yet.

You know how I just brought up Wonder Woman and the Flash? The writers of Green Lantern are taking on their movies. I don’t understand why they were chosen to do this, because Green Lantern wasn’t a success, but hey…haven’t we all been waiting for a Wonder Woman movie? No release years for these movies just yet.

Speaking of Green Lantern, the character is in a pickle. DC is trying to figure out whether to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Lantern or relaunch the character in a new way. That means that a reboot could be made soon for the sake of the Justice League. But the big question is: Where is Batman going to fit into this Justice League movie? With the trilogy about to sum up….all of it is very mind boggling. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Still on the superhero train, a movie about Venom is being considered. It would likely exist in the same universe as the Amazing Spiderman. A comic movie that focuses on a villain rather than a hero should be interesting.

Now we’re off of the superhero train. Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll be in Terminator 4 and 5. And not as a cameo. He’s back in the business, and he seems to be here to stay. The Terminator project will likely begin in 2013.

I know I’m moving kind of fast here, but there’s a lot to cover. The Hangover 3 has been announced. It will take place in Vegas once again, but will focus on the wolfpack trying to break Alan out of a mental institute. It is set to release on May 24, 2013.

Last but not least, the teaser trailer for Django Unchained. It’s the newest Tarantino film, and it looks awesome.

The music and dialogue mark the trailer as Tarantino’s, and his name is written all over it. With a great cast and interesting premise, I’m sure Tarantino will do a great job.

Whew. That’s it for Movie Monday. If you’re still here, you get a gold star. Congratulations. What are your thoughts on the above news? Let me know in the comments.



4 comments on “Movie Monday: Justice League Movie, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Venom Movies, Green Lantern Reboot?, Hangover 3, Terminators 4 and 5, Django Unchained Trailer

  1. some of those movie ideas seem pretty far out there. Like more terminators. I mean where can you really go after the last one?

  2. I so, so want a Justice League movie. Do I honestly think it’ll do as well or better than The Avengers? No. But I’m a Justice League girl. I grew up with the cartoons based around the DC comics. They were my first love, so I have to give it a shot. (Also, Wonder Woman movie? YES. But make it good, please.) I was also surprised by how well Djano Unchained looked. Love Tarantino, so this should turn out pretty well.

    • Tarantino truly does create interesting movies. Whether they are good or not is up to the viewer, but his dialogue and style is so unique that he has to be set apart from other directors.

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