Snow White and the Huntsman Review

Hey, stop throwing stones! I know that I’m late. After this Friday I have the whole summer to post and work on the site. No more being late after this week. SO! Snow White and the Huntsman is a movie that puts a dark tone over the classic fairy tale. It stars Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, (Bella and Thor) as well as Charlize Theron and a guy who looks like James Franco to an astonishing degree.

He’s got that look, admit it. The three key points to this movie are visuals, characters, and story. The visuals were great. The CG effects were top notch, and the transitions between dark and light created a great sense of atmosphere. You legitimately did feel like you were in this world. The creatures and monsters didn’t look computer generated at all. Effects did not dissapoint. Then we get to the characters. Kristen Stewart’s characters always come across as pouty and whiney. Fortunately, that type of unsure character fits into this story. Snow White spent her youth in a dark tower, so it’s OK that her character acts a bit awkward and tentative. Chris Hemsworth was great once again. Give that man a bulky weapon and he can do anything. Charlize Theron played a really dramatic queen. Many people are complaining that she overacted, but that was the point. She was a really hateful queen, and she was in a desperate situation. If I was quickly turning into an old hag over the course of a few days, I would yell a lot too. Then we run into some issues. First, the prince. The prince that was in love with Snow White had such a weak story that I didn’t care about him at all. There was no chemistry between him and Snow. And the dwarves…I couldn’t hear one word that they were saying. It’s bad enough that dwarves aren’t the best speakers, but make them force a British accent and all hell breaks loose. Maybe they were strong characters. It’s too bad I couldn’t hear a word they said. It was clear to identify a few dwarves with their fairy tale counterparts (Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy) but I wish that it was clearer as to which dwarf was which. Last up is the plot. It jumped around settings quite a bit, and a lot of points weren’t hitting for me. The music was distracting, making moments less monumental, because every piece sounded like something epic. I hope that makes sense. I like how it doesn’t stick to the classic story, but its creativity isn’t enough to save it. Over all, though this movie looks good, and the central idea is strong, it’s the supporting cast and side-plots that bring it down. This movie is a Porkchop. I already forgot it.


3 comments on “Snow White and the Huntsman Review

  1. I liked the movie. It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t bad. I won’t be buying it (which means a lot, because I have A LOT of DVDs), but I did enjoy it. If it ever gets to Netflix, I’ll probably watch it again. I think KStew did pretty well. I’m not a big fan of hers, but I like her. She’s better than most people give her credit for. I loved Charlize. Overacting or not, it didn’t matter. She was still incredible. I was pretty impressed with Hemsworth, now that I think of it. I totally agree about the Duke’s son (or whatever he was). He seemed fairly pointless, and I liked how things turned out in the end. But I totally, completely, 100% agree about the Dwarves. I liked them a lot, but I didn’t catch everything they said. There was one joke that had my theatre roaring and I have no idea what the guy said. Very off-putting.

    • I wish I could understand what was going on between the dwarves. They ultimately added to the list of failed side characters that brought this movie down. They are officially making a sequel, however. Hopefully it will be better.

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