Rage Segments at War

Yes, you read it correctly. The Rage Segments are at war. 28 Rage Segments have been released since My Rage Page was first created from the fiery depths of my inner angry vault. Now, the Rage Segments are no longer just rants that channel anger…they ARE anger. They are competing to see which one is loved most by the viewers….YOU!

About every week, there will be a poll with 5 Rage Segments to choose from, starting from the oldest. This week’s competing segments are way at the bottom of my Rage Page. One week will give you plenty of time to review the Rage Segments and decide which one you like the best. The next week, a new poll with another five will be up. The winner from the previous poll will move onto semi-finals for later voting. Make sense? If you have a question, leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to clear things up. SO! Here’s the first poll. The first 5 Rage Segments have entered the ring. Which will move onto the next round? Which do you like best? Which made you laugh most? Which can you relate to? Which did you enjoy? Pick one out of the five. Your all-time favorite may or may not be in this poll, but still vote for the best out of the options. These can all be found on My Rage Page, so check them out before you make a decision. Vote here:

Stay tuned for the next poll soon 🙂 ~Ddog


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