How did Find it Fridays start? The answer may surprise you.

Earlier this week, I posted my Q and A video. In it, I answered a question from a hater. But before I did, I said that he contributed to the blog in a positive way. He HAS contributed to the blog in a positive way. You may think that the answer is something deep. About how his hate helped me push on. Nope. See, this hater is someone I know in my personal life. He is bluntly honest. We were talking one day and the conversation went something like this.

“Johnathan, your blog sucks.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“Your site needs something to come back to. You need something that people can look forward to and remember. Everything else is boring.”

“OK, like what?”

“Some kind of scavenger hunt.”

And then the idea hit me. After about an hour of talking, we had decided how Find-it Fridays would work, what the first object would be, and everything in between. Ironic enough, he doesn’t participate in Find-it Fridays, he doesn’t care about it, he still hates the blog. Though this person is not supportive at all, I cannot fully take credit for Find-it Fridays. If you search around the comments you could probably find this person, but he comments very rarely, and when he does comment, he sounds like a troll. So I won’t call him out because it wouldn’t gain me anything.

Ideas come from unexpected places. If you have an idea for me, or some kind of concept, leave it in the comments section. I’ve experimented with pages and posts numerous times. My earliest followers will remember some of my old pages and segments. I had a Cars page. Nice cars of all kinds, categorized with spectacular pictures. The only text on that page was the title of car over the picture.

I also had a Video of the Week. If you want to see some former Videos of the Week, go under videos and click Video of the Week Archives. They were generally funny, random clips.

I also had a Call of Duty Page for my COD fans.

And a pictures page, a gallery of random pictures of movie sets, video games, etc.

I also had a guy running an NFL News page for a week, but he left to pursue his own blog.

See, I’m open to ideas. I love hearing what you can come up with. If at any time you have an idea, leave it for me. Right now, Movie Monday and Think-a-Bit Thursday posts are thriving. They are very strong weekly posts, and I plan on continuing them for a while.

So that’s the story of Find-It Fridays!



2 comments on “How did Find it Fridays start? The answer may surprise you.

  1. the idea never popped up from ur head i told u everything even what the scavenger hunt rules and stuff what an in accurate story

    • My point exactly. I never said it popped up in my head. You suggested the scavenger hunt and through discussion we came up with how we’d do it. Stop trolling bro. Nobody appreciates your complaining.

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