Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review

When you go into the Avengers, you expect the movie to be good. When you go into The Dark Knight, you expect the movie to be good. But when you go into Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…you can anticipate a lot, but you can’t EXPECT a lot. There are some movies that you watch where your opinion differs from the majority. Usually when your opinion differs from the norm, your credibility is squashed. I hope that you guys still love me…Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a Filet. This is the first time I have ever put the rating before the review. Ever. Why, Ddog! I thought you weren’t one of those people who love action with no plot! Here’s the thing. That’s not what this movie is. Do you think I want to preach that I loved this movie? Do you think my pride goes up saying that this movie was a Filet? No. But I am honest with you guys. If I stuck to what critics said and didn’t give my own opinions, this blog would be pointless. So here it goes: My explanation.

In order for you to like this movie, you have to like one of two things: Vampires or history, specifically Civil War history. I love history. Every time a movie brings in history and revolves around it, I am hooked. That’s why I nerd out over the National Treasure movies. The performances aren’t spectacular, and the plot isn’t complex, but I love the history aspect. This film has so many allusions and references to Lincoln’s life and the Civil War that I geeked out. One harmless example would be Lincoln meeting Douglas early in his life. The way people nerd out with the Avengers being seen together is how I feel about these historical people meeting. And that’s just one reference. The rest I don’t want to spoil, but there are many other instances that allude to the factual history. The history isn’t 100% accurate, but they were spot on 99% of the time, from what I know.

The vampires in this film are the best I’ve seen to date. They are the nastiest, most horrific vampires I have ever seen . Their presence kept you on edge the whole film. They truly were unique in the way that they were portrayed in this film. The fact that these vampires were vulnerable to silver and garlic was cool, because we rarely see that concept being pulled off well. The Underworld movies are a type of guilty pleasure to me. They aren’t very strong in terms of plot, or anything, for that matter, but I enjoy watching them. We all desperately want to see vampires pulled off well, and this movie nailed them and their lore.


The action is very stylistic, using slow motion, some may say excessively, but this is from the guy who made Wanted. You have to expect heavily stylized action and a lot of slow motion. That’s his style. The visuals were great, and the transitions were really cool. This movie was very individual. There was some humor thrown into the mix, and many critics complained that this movie didn’t have a set tone. Oh, yes it did. It was meant to be dark. A dark movie can’t have humor? Come on. I think reputation got the best of some critics. They didn’t want to like this movie. I go into every movie wanting to like it. So yes, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a Filet. The training sequence was a bit corny, but this is from the guy who did Wanted. The training in Wanted was quick and to the point. If you really like vampires or Civil War history, you will like this movie. If you don’t have an interest in either of those things, and you’re just interested in seeing Abe Lincoln slay vampires, you may be disappointed. I just really had a great time in the movies with this one. The badass of the year award may just go to Abraham Lincoln. Competing with him is Liam Neeson in the Grey and one of the Avengers. I can’t believe this…Bring on the hate in the comments. I’m ready.


PS. Abraham had a Liam Neeson look about him…


4 comments on “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review

  1. Nice review. In my opinion, and I can only say so much not having seen the film yet, I just don’t think some things were meant to be tied together (in this case, vampires & Abraham Lincoln). Though I think this will be a big hit with vampire lovers, for the history enthusiast, I think it’s going to be a great letdown (though it may reference a few real events that happened in Lincoln’s life), and it’s a huge slap in the face to the Lincoln himself. To me, this film is nothing more than Hollywood’s attempt to continue capitalizing on a genre that is still hot with a large fan base; vampire lovers.

    • Yes I agree. If people weren’t crazy over vampires, Hollywood wouldn’t have picked this book off of the shelf to adapt into a movie. I personally resent Twilight, but history…haha I am nerd, very clearly.

  2. I thought he looked like Liam Neeson too! lol
    But more to the point, i really enjoyed this film, the vamps were awesome! None of this sparkles in the sunshine malarky! lol

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