Prometheus Review

Prometheus is one of those movies that I knew nothing about prior to going into it. Being who I am, I usually watch a trailer and have an idea about who is in the movie before I go to see it. Not with Prometheus. I hadn’t seen one trailer for it, just an ad on TV. All I knew is that it had something to do with Alien. But it looked like a cool Sci-Fi, so I went to see it. I am telling you this from the beginning. Don’t expect this movie to tie into the Alien franchise. If you want lore and references, you will be let down, from what I have heard from every Alien fan who looks forward to that in this movie. The three key points to this film are the visuals, suspense, and plot.

The visuals were definitely the high point of this film. This planet and environment look stunning. Everything from the landscape to the ship to the aliens looked fantastic. It won’t be long before we look back at James Cameron’s Avatar and shrug like it’s no big deal. Every year the visuals in movies are becoming more and more realistic and sharp. The progression since 2000 is spectacular. A little more than 10 years down the road and we have improved many times over. Prometheus is a feast for the eyes. But with the futuristic visuals comes the not so pleasant visuals. This barren dark dusty planet looks very grim. It  is one of the best planets created on screen since Pandora, if not the best. There are some really nasty parts in this film, but they don’t look like they were made with cheap blood and makeup from the dollar store. They look as real as can get.

My first time using a caption. If you see this say in the comments, “The chicken in burning.”

But there’s more to judging a movie than just by looks. The suspense was pulled off well. There were nail-biting sequences, where you were very paranoid of the shadows. You never knew when an alien could attack or when something would pop up to cause trouble. Paired with the great performances from the cast, there was a horror element to this sci-fi movie. Michael Fassbender played his role very well as the Android. His character puzzled me throughout the film, keeping me wondering if his intentions were good or not. There was a lot of tension between characters and the environment. Over all, the suspense and mystery that hung around in the air was successfully pulled off.

Now we get to the plot, and the issues begin. The concept is a very expendable one. What if we were created by aliens? This question is asked in every episode of Ancient Aliens, which is a ridiculous but entertaining show. I watch it occasionally, and so I could relate to this question, which is very philosophical. But here’s the thing. The way this story is executed is strange. Plot points happen, and then they are forgotten about. Someone dies and it should be monumental, but it isn’t referred back to, and a character that should be effected isn’t effected after the death scene. This is just one instance. There are issues I had with realism and the common sense of some characters, who are scientists, who should make informed decisions. Instead some of them go around making decisions that are so idiotic that it makes a multitude of pop culture icons look smart. Despite these plot issues, I greatly enjoyed this movie. Though the plot isn’t concrete, the visuals, action, and concept keep you entertained the whole time. Prometheus is a high T-Bone. I recommend that you check it out if you like a thought-provoking sci-fi film. By the way, this guy is not Tom Hardy. But he sure looks like him! He’s on the left. Tom Hardy is on the right. Now that is a look alike.

I didn’t post the trailer. It spoils too much. Don’t watch it please. Thank you for your time.


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