Perk Up #2: MW2 Perk Analysis

Remember waaaaaaaaaay back I did the first Perk Up post? (it’s here, check it out) Well I decided to do a second one, this time for COD MW2. I didn’t play World at War much, and so it wouldn’t be accurate for me to do a Perk Up for that game. To refresh your memory, I go through all the perks in the game and do a very open minded rundown of them. You may know how each of them work, and so you may dismiss this post as for the beginners. That’s not the case. I will talk about how the community responded to the perk, if it carried on to future CODs, etc. This is as unprofessional that you’ll ever see me get. If this post gets a good response, I can do one for Black Ops, and then MW3, before Black Ops 2. Comment below with your favorite or least favorite perks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the first COD game to feature pro versions of perks. Once challenges are completed using the perk in a specific way, you unlock the perk’s pro ability. This is an extra thing that the perk helps you do.

Let’s start with the first tier of perks.

MarathonPro.pngMarathon Pro- This perk gives you unlimited sprint. The science of how this works is unknown. It is assumed by the mass majority of COD players that your character downs 6 cans of Red Bull, 3 cups of coffee, 2 Hershey Bars, and has visions of Megan Fox in the distance, and so he keeps running, and running, and running. This perk was essential to rushing classes. Ever since MW2, we have never seen a perk that allows the user to have unlimited sprint. The Pro version lets you climb over objects faster.

ReloadPro.pngSleight of Hand Pro– This perk allows you to reload faster. Harry Houdini was famous for running this perk all of the time. The pro version allows you to ADS faster. No, not AIDS. ADS. It lets you Aim Down Sights at a quicker speed. This perk is truly for someone who is in a rush to kill the bad guy.

ScavengePro.pngScavenger Pro- This perk allows you to pick up ammo from both fallen teammates and fallen enemies. The ammo is represented by a blue bag. How the soldier has time to unzip the blue bag and take the ammo in less than a second, I have no idea. The pro version starts the player off with extra magazines. No, not the Rolling Stones. Magazines as in ammunition. This will gives extra ammo to every weapon you have equipped except for the AT4.

BlingPro.pngBling Pro- This is the perk that Mr. T uses to pimp out his gun. It allows you to have two attachments opposed to one. The pro version allowed for full out gangster status. You could equip two attachments to your secondary. That’s 4 attachments across two guns. That amount of bling would make Goldmember jealous.

ArmyPro.pngOne Man Army Pro– If Call of Duty were to ever change its name to anything, it would be One Man Army. There is no teamwork whatsoever. Maybe that’s why this perk is popular. It allows the user to switch their class while they are still alive, instead of having to wait until they respawn. If this perk was equipped, you can’t have a secondary weapon. The pro version allows you to switch in 3 seconds opposed to 5. This is one of the most hated perks in Call of Duty history. It allowed the player to replenish noobtubes. As we all know, noobtubes were insanely overpowered in MW2. The result was noobtubes across the map…not good stuff for COD’s reputation.

Now for the next perk slot.

PowerPro.pngStopping Power Pro– This perk increased bullet damage by 40%. The pro version increased damage to vehicles and aircraft. There was no Juggernaut in MW2, and so this perk could not be countered.

Lightweight Pro MW2.pngLightweight Pro– This perk allows the player to move faster. Paired with Marathon, the perfect rushing class could be made. The pro version allows you to aim faster after sprinting. This pro ability is an attribute of Steady Aim in MW3.

HardlinePro.pngHardline Pro– This perk is for the selfish, kill-whoring, no good…I MEAN the elite players. It allows the player to earn killstreaks with one less kill, and with the pro version, one less death to earn a deathstreak.

ColdPro.pngCold-Blooded Pro– This perk rendered the player invisible to thermal scopes and killstreaks. This really helped, considering the fact that there was always a damn harrier or  chopper gunner in the sky mowing everybody down. The pro version took away the red crosshair and name when an enemy targeted you. Cold-Blooded was used more as a defense against aircraft than a stealth perk.

DangerPro.pngDanger Close- This increased explosive damage. This along with One Man Army Noobtubes is what ever COD hater will bring up in a conversation. Increasing explosive damage was a terrible idea, considering the fact that all of the explosives were powerful regardless. The pro version increases your kill streak damage.

Last tier.

CommandoPro.pngCommando Pro- This is one of the most hated perks in COD history along with OMA and Danger Close. It allowed the player to have an increased melee lunge range. This means that you could knife a person a few feet away from you for a quick kill. This perk is effective, but you tend to dislike it strongly when you get knifed every time you have the jump on an enemy. The pro version eliminated fall damage. This allowed quickscopers to jump off cliffs without breaking their legs.

SteadyPro.pngSteady Aim Pro- This perk increased hip-fire accuracy, encouraging spraying and praying. Another hated perk. I wonder why people hated MW2. The pro version allowed the player to hold breath long while ADS. (Not AIDS. ADS) This makes no logical sense, because someone using this perk obviously does not want to aim down sights to begin with.

ScramblerPro.pngScrambler Pro– This perk would jam the radar of everyone near you. The pro version delayed enemy claymore detonations. I personally never preferred this perk, because it simply told the enemy, “Hey look! I’m somewhere near you. Look around and be prepared.”

NinjaPro.pngNinja Pro- This perk made the user invisible to heartbeat sensors. But the meat of it was the pro version. It made your footsteps silent. This was a great perk for those who sound whore with headphones. It also helped campers who sat in corners with their tents and marshmallows.

SitRepPro.pngSitRep Pro- This perk highlighted enemy perks with red. The pro version amplified enemy footsteps. This also helped people who enjoyed setting up their tents and campfires in corners.

LastandPro.pngLast Stand Pro– Another hated perk. I am starting to recognize a trend. This put the player down on the ground with a pistol instead of sending him to his death. You would bleed out eventually, but you could kill your killer before your heart gave out. The pro version allows you to use equipment when you’re on your ass slowly dying.

That’s all for MW2! What do you think about these perks? Do you like this series? Let me know so I know if I should do a Perk Up for the newer COD games.



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