Think a Bit Thursday: The Taking of Pelham 123 and Being a Hostage

Once again, I decided to get lighthearted for Think a Bit Thursday. Usually I take a philosophical point from a movie and talk about it, but this week, let’s talk about being a hostage.

The movie I have drawn inspiration from this week is The Taking of Pelham 123. In this film, John Travolta and his crew of criminals hijack a subway train. He demands money, and will kill hostages if he does not get it.

The question this week is: If you were a hostage in a subway train, how would you deal with the situation?

I am sure that we would all say: Hide my cell phone, call 911 when the bad guys aren’t looking and use morse code and clicking noises to give my global position so they can send a SWAT team to save the subway train. But the reality is, none of us would do that. I would give the guys my cellphone, crawl under the seat and do whatever they tell me to do. I wouldn’t say one word. I am not idiotic enough to take on men with guns. Am I cowardly? No. I simply don’t want to get myself killed infront of the children who are on the train. If they get out alive I wouldn’t want them traumatized. Besides, what chance would I have? These guys have guns. I have a pack of 5 Gum. But this question isn’t just, “What would you do?” It’s “What would YOU do?” For example, I usually carry around my iPod and phone if I am going somewhere. Occasionally my nook. You may carry around your laptop and smartphone. Think of some apps you have. Maybe you carry around a pocketknife? How would you use these tools, if at all?

I simply have an iPod nano, which has no outward communication. So that’s no good in bettering the situation of me being a hostage. The phone would be taken from me for sure. In the movies there is always someone who hides it under their leg or whatever, but in reality, if these guys are smart enough to get on a subway train, they’re going to find a standard-sized phone. Maybe if it were a Palm or something similar, I can hide it. But not in my situation. So I would wait it out on the train hoping that noone is killed. But maybe you have an extensive knowledge of subway trains and the subway system. In MY circumstance, I would lie still and not draw any attention to myself. Playing hero is out of the question. Like I said, getting killed infront of the kids wouldn’t help their childhood.

So that’s what I would do. What would YOU do? Let me know below in the comments. The question, once again, is, “If you were a hostage in a subway train, how would you deal with the situation?” Also, let me know what you like better: The serious, deep thinking Think a Bit Thursdays, or the lighthearted, “if you were in this situation” Think a Bit Thursdays. Thanks for reading! I’ll be back online on Saturday, so when I don’t get back to you in comments or emails, that’s why. I’m taking a mini-vacation! 🙂 But it’s only a few days of no communication. I’m sure we can stick it out.



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