A Big Idea: Bloggers, Listen Up

If you are a blogger, please, stay tuned. Back in my Q and A video, I closed out by saying that I had an idea. A big idea. I said that it probably wouldn’t work, and that I needed more help than can be provided to me to execute it. Now the time has come that I announce what this idea is.

If you are a blogger who reviews movies, whether it be once a month or once a week, or maybe very rarely, you are part of this. This idea cannot and will not happen without you. I can’t simply put the goal of this in a tagline, so allow me to explain what this idea is.

What if I, with your help, were able to get 50 bloggers, one to represent each state, pick a huge upcoming movie, and then have all 50 of them write an individual review for it? After reviewing it, all of the scores (given on a predetermined scale) would be put on a map, and we could take a look at how the opinions panned out. How is this different from picking reviews after the movie is released? What’s the point? The map is the material outcome, but every blogger who is involved will grow. Will this map be accurate in showing the nation’s attitude towards the film? Of course not. But it’s more about the journey rather than the result. Remember, it’s about the bloggers more than the map. Allow me to elaborate.

These chosen bloggers will have the opportunity to interact with the other bloggers. Once the 50 are found, they will be put on a list, with their blogs, of course. The list will be released when it becomes official, to everyone who is involved. A period of time will be given for the 50 to explore the blogs. This will promote interaction between WordPress critics, and will boost view counts, followers, and traffic for all people involved. It will have us all getting more familiar with some bloggers.

Once the 50 are picked, we will decide on the movie that will be reviewed. We will have a set date that the movie has to be reviewed by. Once the review is complete by an individual blogger, it would be sent to me by email. Of course, the review could be posted on your blog as well. A simple copy and paste into an email is all I need. The reviews WILL be read, and points that you bring up will be noted and put into the map, and also a copy of your review. Once all 50 reviews are sent, it’ll be compiled into a map and posted here at gamerscene. When the outcome is reached, everyone would be alerted, and we could see the product of what we had been working to for so long. Throughout this whole process, everybody would be kept up to date and informed through email, and it will be very precise and thorough. Right now I am simply breaking it down briefly.

What’s in it for you? Well if you review movies on your blog regularly, and the movie that the 50 decide on is a big one, which it will be, you will likely review it anyway. Why not get some traffic, expose yourself to some bloggers, and see how parts of the country respond to the film? It’ll be simple, fun, and interactive. I think that it would be exciting to see the space we have get smaller and smaller, people from all over the country getting involved in this. This roster of 50 could grow full in 2 weeks or two months. This recruiting could be very quick, or it could a long time. It’s all dependent on how well we could get the word out.

How could all of this be organized? It’s simple. Simply email me at ddog35@gmail.com with your screen name, blog address, and of course, state. Please make the subject: 50 states project. Don’t worry if you didn’t do this, this was added after the post was published. Liking this post is very kind, and sharing it is very helpful, but just know that it is the email that keeps this ball rolling and gets you a spot in this “project”. I’ll email you back to let you know if you’re officially a rep or not. Then you just wait until you hear from me again, probably asking for your idea on what movie the 50 people will collectively review. If more than one person wants to represent a state, the latter blog to submit their information would be held as a back up, in case the rep decided to pull out for whatever reason. But I don’t know 50 bloggers. This is where you come in. Share this post with another blogger, or two, or three, and tell them to do the same. Let’s get everyone involved. Maybe you are not interested in this idea. That’s fine. Sharing this post anyway would help tremendously. I know that I can get a handful of bloggers interested, but I can’t reach out to someone from every state. Send in your email, then get your friends involved.  So that’s my idea. This starts now. You could start submitting at this very second. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Thank you for staying tuned. I really hope that you choose to get involved with this. It would be really cool if we could pull this off. I will keep those who are involved posted about which states have reps, as well as people here at gamerscene. You could also like my Facebook page for quicker updates as to what states are newly added. I know that some people would like to be informed in full as to what’s going on with this.



13 comments on “A Big Idea: Bloggers, Listen Up

  1. This is a…really big idea. I’m up for it, of course, but it’s going to involve A LOT of leg work. The results would be interesting to see, but the logistics? Not sure it’s going to be feasible. (Not trying to be a bummer, just thinking realistically! But I’ll e-mail you anyway!)

    • Oh in terms of accuracy, it’s not like “Ah I see the whole state of Texas hated this movie.” No. But it would be interesting to see regional stats and stuff. Like I said, it’s more about the journey rather than the result.

  2. I am totally in. TodayIWatchedAMovie sent me your way.

    I am a movie blogger (site is http://www.cinekatz.com/) and I watch and review one movie everyday, so having a particular movie I have to watch is actually more of a convenience than anything. I am certainly interested (I’m from Colorado), and the only issue I would see myself facing would be if the movie was one I have already reviewed, as I am not wanting to repeat myself. I’m assuming it would indeed be a newer movie, so that problem is probably out the way. Regardless, I’m in and I’m always looking to meet new bloggers and get a little more attention throw my way.

    • The movie that will be reviewed would be predetermined months before it’s released, so no worries there. One movie a day is true dedication. Wow. Just shoot me an email with your name, site, and state, just so I have your information ready to go in email form, and you’ll be in! 🙂

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  5. Definitely a great idea paired with a huge amount of work on the administrative end. If you’re still willing to put it together I’m more than willing to help out in any way I can. I actually had somewhat of a similar idea when I first started blogging about putting together a sort of Amateur Rotten Tomatoes, which i still think would be a good place to start regarding the kind of thing you’re suggesting. It could begin as an aggregate review site giving the average score out of, lets say, 10 for movies in question. Once that system is put in place and there are a decent amount of bloggers joining in there are a huge number of extra features that could be put in place, including regional trackers, blogger profiles, and more.

    Let me know how this is coming and shoot me a message whenever you need anything. Cheers!

    • I’ll be sure to update everyone whenever there is news to share. If you’d like to represent a state shoot me an email. 🙂 It’s a lot of work for me but it’s fun to be honest so I don’t mind.

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