The Amazing Spiderman Review

This post is in replacement of Movie Monday. I am currently not home, therefore I do not have access to the saved news on my computer. I will post the news on the gamerscene Facebook page tomorrow. This movie retells the Spiderman origin story. After the failure that was Spiderman 3, it was decided that the Spidey series be rebooted.

The three key points to this movie are the casting, (because this is a reboot), plot, and visuals. Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman was better than Tobey McGuire’s. Yes, I did just say that. Andrew pulled off the quirkiness, the humor, and the character. He owned Spiderman and Peter Parker, playing both parts of his role fantastically. You like his character right off the bat, because he is simply a likable guy. His chemistry with Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, was 100% real on screen. Emma Stone did a fantastic job as Gwen Stacy. Aunt May and Uncle Ben were great characters, playing off of each other very well. The Lizard/Dr. Connors was well acted as well. The casting was definitely a success. Lizard’s character was underwhelming, however. Connors resembled the typical scientist gone bad, and his motivation wasn’t very interesting. He was acted fine, he just wasn’t a very in depth villain. But that’s fine. This was Spiderman’s movie, about Spiderman and his origin. It’s about him. Lizard was simply his first test. Green Goblin is going to be coming later on. The makers first want you to make you to relate to Spidey before they make him face a hugely popular villain. The same was done with the Nolan Batman trilogy. The Joker was brought out AFTER Batman’s origin was explained while he faced Ra’s al Ghul. But all that matters is that Spiderman is likable. We have our hero.

The plot is what many critics complained about, and so I had to be very observant of it. This movie did move a bit slowly, but I personally didn’t mind. It took a while to develop Peter before he put on the Spiderman suit. I was invested in his Peter side, and so I didn’t mind at all. The drama going on in his personal life was very interesting. I let the story be told without asking when the movie would start. Many people complained that plot lines were dropped. For example, Peter went to Connors to find out the truth about his parents. Later on, it seemed that he was no longer concerned about finding anything else out. The truth is, Peter has his priorities set straight. He knows responsibility. He has to defeat the Lizard before dealing with personal qualms. I would give more examples of “dropped plot lines,” but I’m always spoiler free. So the plot did move at a slow pace, but it allowed for deeper story telling. This movie went in depth about how Spiderman came to be, elaborating and expanding on what we already knew.

Lastly, how were the visuals? Everything looked great. There wasn’t a whole ton of CGI, aside from the Lizard, but everything had a lot of polish. Everything in this film was slick and nice to look at. I didn’t see this movie in 3D, but I definitely will when it comes out on Blu-Ray. The swinging scenes would look magnificent in 3D. A lot of critics are really praising the look of the Lizard, but I wasn’t overly impressed. The Lizard looked fantastic, but he didn’t blow my mind like it did for a lot of other people. So the movie did look great, no doubt about it. And I want to also mention the music. It fit the tone of the movie. It worked.

Over all, this Spiderman is a T-Bone. I enjoyed it a lot, and it is my favorite Spiderman film. It hooked me to the character of Spiderman, which is all it really needed to do. It was a really good film about how Spiderman came to be. I recommend it for sure. Go have a good time at the theater. You’ll get a couple of little kids coming for Schpidoemahn and teenage girls coming just for Garfield, but you’ll ignore them and enjoy the movie. It was amazing. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)


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