5 Reasons Why We’re Hyped for the Dark Knight Rises

A similar post was done on this site on the Avengers, except it wasn’t done by me. It was done by The Midnight Novelist. Check out her blog, it’s definitely one that you want to subscribe to. But let’s get focused. The Dark Knight Rises. We are HYPED for it. We are calling it epic, even though we haven’t seen it yet. We are treating it like a movie for the ages. We are excited. But why? Here are some possibilities.

5. Nolan’s Track Record

Christopher Nolan. One of my favorite directors out there. The term ‘In Nolan we trust,’ has sprung up with this film. The haters say that people like me are ‘drinking the Nolan Kool-aid.’ If that’s so, yes, I am drinking the Nolan Kool-aid, and it tastes oh so good. Nolan rebooted the Batman franchise with Batman Begins, which finally gave Batman the positive attention that he deserved. Then came the Dark Knight. For two years, it remained my favorite movie. The movie that dethroned it was Inception. Christopher Nolan also directed that film. Inception remains my favorite movie. But two years has gone by since it was released, and it seems that I am due for a new favorite movie. Maybe DKR will be it. We’ll see after this week. See, Nolan has the power to take a seemingly absurd idea and make it realistic in a complex yet convincing way. Think about it. Batman. A billionaire that bashes bad guys to a pulp at night. He takes that absurd concept and makes it dark, realistic, and entertaining. Inception. Stealing peoples’ ideas by going into their dreams. That sounds ridiculous on paper, but it was pulled off in a near flawless way. Memento. A guy who has to tattoo himself and write notes because he has short term memory loss. It sounds nuts, but it worked in Nolan’s hands. When Nolan takes on a concept, he ‘Nolanizes’ it, and he’s done a great job so far at creating monumental movies.

4. Tom Hardy as Bane

Let’s be honest. Tom Hardy has some big shoes to fill. The Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, was perfect. His character was captivating, spectacular, dark, twisted, entertaining, this list goes on and on. The Joker remains one of my favorite villains in a movie. Everybody knows the Joker. The clown. And then here comes Bane, a guy who’s got muscles and something over his mouth. Tom Hardy, however, is going to craft Bane into his own villain, and pull it off. Tom Hardy is best known for his role in Inception as Eames, the sarcastic and witty “forger.” Another role that he should be noted for is as Tommy Conlon in Warrior. He played a washed up, angry, hateful guy, and his performance was absorbing. This guy has acting chops. Tom Hardy is a star that’s rising to the top, and I have full confidence that he will be able to pull off Bane.

3. The Mystery

John Blake. We’ve seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the trailer, and he is clearly playing a cop. But who is this cop, and what is his purpose? Many are saying that he is going to rise to power to take over Batman’s role as Gotham’s hero, as Nightwing. In the comics, Nightwing was a cop by day, superhero by night. I truly am excited to see what his purpose is.

2. The Score by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer always does a fantastic job with the music. He nailed the score for the Dark Knight, making the movie feel individual, and matching the tone of it with the tone of the movie. Nobody is really geeking out to hear the soundtrack, because it’s already available on iTunes, but it’s another thing to look forward to when it comes to the Dark Knight Rises. Hans Zimmer also scored Inception, the Lion King, Gladiator, the Last Samurai, Sherlock Holmes, and many other films. Each of those films have a great score. Here is a track from the Dark Knight, composed by Hans Zimmer. If you decide to reread this post with this soundtrack playing, you may explode from the awesomeness.

1. Batman

Over the past few years, we have grown to love Batman. The hero is in his prime. Once his character was revived by Nolan, everything involving Batman was going great. The movies were doing fantastic, with a great response from both fans and critics. At the same time, the video games from Rocksteady added a new depth to Batman, with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Those games are said to be the best superhero video games of all time, with good reason. Batman is understood, finally, after many failed attempts at portraying his character. We love Batman. We are totally into his movie and his universe. Now its time for Nolan’s Batman to close out with a bang. And here…we…go.


2 comments on “5 Reasons Why We’re Hyped for the Dark Knight Rises

  1. Thanks for the link-love! I’m always surprised by what Tom Hardy actually looks like. He’s so…pretty! He looks terrifying in the film, and I just can’t picture him any other way. Good for him, though. That means he’s really embodying the character. Also – Nightwing. Was he sort of like the first Robin or something? Like, the first sidekick? (Sorry if that’s a really stupid question, my knowledge of the comic books is pretty limited. If you could explain who he is, that’d be great!)

    • Nightwing is actually Robin…just not Robin. In the comics, Bruce Wayne adopted Dick Grayson, who insisted on helping him with the crime fighting. He became Robin. But he became sick of being in Batman’s shadow, and he broke off from Batman and became Nightwing. And that’s just one story. There are like 5 Robins. Nolan isn’t concerned with origins though. Other than Batman, he just rolled with the other characters, not concerned with origins. Joker, Bane, etc. So John Blake COULD be Nightwing. We’ll have to wait and see.

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