Think a Bit Thursday: Inception and Dreams

For those who don’t know, Inception is my favorite movie to date. I am going to try so hard to restrain myself from talking about how great it is, and stick with the format. So Inception is about…how do you explain Inception? I could explain it, but being the fanboy I am, I will get way too in depth and over complicate things. All you have to know is that Inception involves dreams. I want to hit myself over the head for making it sound so basic, but that’s really all you need to know for this segment.

This week’s question is: “Why do we dream what we dream?” Scientists have their theories and whatnot, but nobody wants to hear me state theories. The best way to come to a conclusion is to discuss your experience.

Now let’s think for a bit. Everybody has a dream or two that we remember. Whether it be because it scared us, or because it was hilarious, we all remember a couple of dreams. In most cases, the dreams we remember are the ones that scare us. Still, I can recall a dream that had me laughing upon waking up. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we remember a dream, when really, we have filled in blanks. That’s when a dream turns into a good story. But that’s like cheating.

When we close our eyes at night and fall asleep, how are our dreams brewed up? What determines what we will see in our dreams? From my experience, bits and pieces of what I remember of my dreams are related to what was on my mind in the day. Whether it be something big like an argument, or something as small as me spilling water while in the kitchen. Maybe dreams take information and memories, use them, and then trash them. The human memory is only so big, right? I can see some doctor reading this post, shaking their head. I am no doctor. I am simply speculating without Google.

More recently, I have had dreams involving things that have been on my mind. There are some random dreams, however. I still remember a dream I had years ago where I was running through some kind of a mall, with a stroller, throwing crayons at Ra’zac creatures from Eragon. I had read Eragon a year or two before the dream. I was not thinking of strollers. I didn’t color. It just happened. This is where the subconscious comes into play. Things hiding in the back of our brain project ourselves into our dreams.

But what about the dreams where we jump off a cliff and wake up of the falling sensation? How can every person have that buried in their subconscious? Everybody who I have asked has said that they have had some version of the “cliff dream.” We can’t all collectively have a shared memory, right?

We have dreams sometimes that mix both what is on our mind and random things. For example, I can still recall a dream where I was running outside my grandma’s house. That makes sense. I used to gather there every Sunday with the whole family. The catch is, I was being chased by bees. I faintly remember something with the roof. See, I was thinking about my grandma’s but the bees were completely out of nowhere.

In the Bible, dreams meant something. They were given to prophets by God. But we’re not prophets. We aren’t living in biblical times, times where Christianity was being formed. We just dream. There can’t be some ultimate goal of dreams.

There’s one simple answer to this question: Why do we dream what we dream? Until we have the technology and will to understand the brain, we will never know why we dream what we dream. Dreams cannot have a purpose from some all powerful being. Dreams scare us, make us laugh, and sometimes tell a seemingly pointless story. Maybe dreams are there just cause. We won’t know until the future, or maybe, we’ll never find out.

The question this week was: Why do we dream what we dream? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments. Thank you, and have a great day.



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