Think a Bit Thursday: The Hangover and Friends Disappearing

Let’s get lighthearted. These past few weeks, I’ve been deep. Now let’s have some fun. The Hangover is about a few friends who wake up in Vegas after a Bachelor party. Their friend Doug is missing.

The question this week is: What experience have you had with a friend disappearing? Let me clarify. I don’t mean friends leaving you. I mean friends that are not able to be found, whether it be at a party or any other function. They have disappeared. Allow me to share my experience with a friend disappearing, and how we found him. This is definitely a story you want to hear, I promise. Stick around.

So it was a pool party. We were celebrating the end of the school year. This happened roughly 2 to 3 years ago, and that’s when a pool party was considered cool. Don’t judge. It wasn’t my party, but I was invited, and so was a lot of the grade. Why not go? I’d have some fun for a day and then come home to enjoy my summer.

So me and a few of my friends hopped into the hot tub. The hot tub was connected to the pool in a way, kind of like this: (The upper part is the hot tub)

Obviously the pool wasn’t this exotic, and it was much bigger. I would say that 20 plus people were in attendance. At the edge of the pool was a diving board. Are you starting to get the picture? “But Ddog, I don’t care what this pool looks like. Just get on with it.” No, see, you have to understand the pool to understand the story. Think of a rectangular pool. At the top of the rectangle is a hot tub. At the far right, the short edge, there is a diving board. Now that we have that established, let’s move on.

So my friends and I were in the hot tub, all of us relaxed, comfortable, and basically happy. We were done with another year, and we stayed close throughout it. Then one of my friends asks, “Where’s…” Now I won’t be stating his name, so I will simply call him “the kid.” My friend asks, “Where’s the kid?”

I simply shrugged. The kid who wasn’t in the pool or the hot tub was not a person I was extremely close to. He was a friend, but not close enough for me to think twice about whether he was simply using the bathroom or not. We dismissed the thought quickly, assuming that he was inside the house doing something. Then five minutes passed. Then ten. Then fifteen. Half an hour. I thought that he might have left. And then I was the one to ask, “Where’s the kid?” This time, everyone else in the hot tub shrugged, as they were gazing at the diving board. A class mate of ours was going to cartwheel off of the diving board into the pool. OK, let’s see this. So I turn my body around to observe her. As she was on her hands, forcing herself off of the diving board, nearly off of it, the kid comes out of nowhere and tackles her in midair as she was upside down over the pool. He went down under the water with her, but visibly let go a second or two after being submerged. Everyone in the hot tub scrambled into the pool, rushing to see if she was OK. This was all so sudden, so random. We literally didn’t see the kid charging to her until the last second. They both surfaced to the water, the girl coughing, the kid acting surprised, as if he was the one tackled. Of course, there were a couple of guys who went to the kid aggressively, asking what he did that for, angry, upset, furious. The “cool kids” had to play macho men, but I wasn’t concerned about the kid at that moment.

I was more concerned to see if my classmate had been hurt. Luckily, she only got a scrape on her knee, but she was so confused as to what happened, so taken by surprise, that she went inside with a pack of her friends to get the bloody scrape cleaned off. Now it was appropriate to ask the kid questions. As I approached to add my voice in the mini riot, he fled to the front yard, clearly upset and wanting to be alone. He wasn’t seen for the majority of the rest of the party.

Before leaving, I caught up with him and simply asked, “What happened?” He deflected the question and asked if she was alright. The conversation went something like this.

I replied, “She’s fine, her knee is just scraped up a bit.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, she’s fine. Dude, what were you thinking? I’m not angry. I’m just wondering why you did that.”

“I don’t know…” he mumbled.

I simply said, “Alright man, I’ll see you around.”

He clearly wasn’t in the mood to talk, so I didn’t push it. This kid is known for being a bit reckless, but tackling the girl was uncalled for. We still do not know what he did in those 30 plus minutes that he wasn’t seen before he tackled her. Who knows? This was, however, 2 to 3 years ago, and so all of this is behind everyone. This isn’t a big event to this day. I just figured that it would be an interesting story to tell to you guys.

So! I want to hear YOUR friend disappearing story. Tell it in the comments, and let me know what you thought of this story. If you want more of these story type Think a Bit Thursdays, let me know in the comments as well.



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