I’m Back!

No, this is not about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the Expendables 2. This is about me. I’m back from vacation! I flew back into California last night, and I’m almost ready to get things back to normal. I had a great time, and it was really good to be back there after so long. I have a TON of good footage that I want to properly edit and cut so that I can show you what happened on the trip. Whether it be messing around in DC hotel rooms, freaking out at Six Flags, or making a song, we were always doing something interesting and worthy of being vlogged. You truly get to know more about me, and you see a lot of my cousins and family, as well as friends. But because I have to cut down footage for the sake of time, as well as edit the footage for the sake of quality, I ask 3 days to complete the vlogs. That means that I will be posting them around Sunday/Monday of this week. I know, it’s kind of a long time, but I really need that time to get the videos to be the quality I want. Let me explain what I’m working with:

  • A LOT of footage. I need to cut it down to fit in 3 videos. 1 video to cover one week. I don’t want the videos to be too long, because nobody would sit through it because it would be boring, but I don’t want to give you scraps of things rushed to make a 5 minute video.
  • Audio fixes. I need to boost a lot of audio because some people talk quietly or too far away.
  • Music and sound effects. I have music planned to be added subtly throughout the videos. And sound effects? That’s a secret 😉
  • Subtitles. There is one one minute clip where I need to add subtitles: Where I prank my grandmother. (I don’t endorse trying that. I love my grandmother very much and it was a harmless prank.) She can speak English but she chose to speak Arabic instead, so I’ll have to translate that…but Youtube has a delay with syncing text in videos, so I’ll have to work on that.

I could go on and on. The fact is, this will take time. So give me a few days to get the videos straightened out, and I promise you’ll enjoy them. Obviously no Think a Bit Thursday this week, but leave some ideas for TABT in the comments, and I’ll see if I could use it for next week



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