Here They Are: My Vacation Vlogs

Hey guys! They’re finally done! After 3 full days of editing, perfecting, rendering, and uploading, the videos are done. Each video represents about a week. In total, the footage amounts to a little over one hour. Do I expect you to take an hour out of your day to watch the videos? No. (That would be cool of you though :)) But because this site is going to go silent for a week, so you could watch the videos on your own time, I really hope that you do decide to watch all three in full. I put a lot of effort into making them, as you will hopefully see, and I think that you will really enjoy learning more about me, my family, and my personality. BUT BEFORE YOU START. Promise me you’ll answer these three questions in the comments when you’re done watching the videos:

1. What did you think of these vlogs/which was your favorite?

2. Which cousin would you most like to hang out with? (Also vote on the poll below Vid 3 and tell me.)

3. You guys have finally seen ME and what I’M like. I’m no longer just text on a page. Be honest. What do you guys think? I ask because I’m curious.

Unfortunately, however, Youtube messed up some editing, and stops the frame randomly at some parts after text flashes by quickly. It is not my fault. What was SUPPOSED to happen was the text was supposed to be displayed on screen for the whole time that the frame stops. But Youtube is idiotic and cannot understand that. I hope that you could look past the few technical issues that Youtube made for me. If you want to see what the text says really bad, just pause the video at the appropriate moment.

Video 1: In this video, you meet me and my cousins. You learn a bit about them through words and example, and then see us tour DC as well as mess around in the hotel. Again, I apoligise for the technical difficulties. This video is the calmest of the three videos in terms of content. This is an appetizer for the Filet dinner, the second video. This one simply preps you for the next two, starting off small. Also, I review a movie and visit a movie set, just for you guys.

Video 2: In this video,we go nuts. This is me and my cousins at our finest: When we are bored and feeling creative, this is what happens. We get wild. You also get to see my New Jersey friends, my time at Six Flags, and you get an Arabic Food Demo. This video moves at a breakneck pace after the introduction. We’re just having fun. I review a movie here as well. Aside from an unsynched punch due to Youtube, this video is over all fine in terms of a technical aspect. This is my favorite video of the 3.

Video 3: This video concludes it all. We have our final laughs and moments, but there is an unwindish vibe about this video that the other ones lack. This one is just a feel good, chill video. It takes its time rather than rushing through like the second video. I review a movie here as well. The lyrics to the rap we made are in the description. Feel free to follow along. Lastly, tell me in the comments if you find Waldo. Haha.


So here are the questions again for you to answer in the comments:

1. What did you think of these vlogs/which was your favorite?

2. Which cousin would you most like to hang out with? (Also vote on the poll below Vid 3)

3. You guys have finally seen ME and what I’M like. I’m no longer just text on a page. Be honest. What do you guys think? I ask because I’m curious.

Thanks again guys, and I hope you enjoyed the videos.



15 comments on “Here They Are: My Vacation Vlogs

  1. you did an awesome job on the vlogs and i enjoyed seeing what your family was like. If I were to hang with one of your cousins it would probably be jordan because he seems the funniest. And i have to say that is the best rap I’ve ever seen thank you for the vlogs!

    • Thanks for the feedback Sgt. Hell! I’m glad you enjoyed the rap. That was all George who made it sound good. And yes, Jordan is a funny one. But as of right now the competition is neck and neck as to which cousin is a fan favorite.

  2. Johnathan, I’m crying at work watching Vlog2> it started with Jayden devouring the cupcake, and then the prank you did on Teta … hilarious. Oh, and you oozing toothpaste out of your mouth was hot. 😉

    I’d choose Chloe to hang out with, but she wasn’t one of the choices!… she’s a cutie lol

    I think you’re awesome and should always be in front of the camera ..very photogenic and a character without even trying ..keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Grace! I was going to put Chloe, Jayden, and Sienna as options as well, but they would steal all the votes. We get Chloe in Vlog 3 by the way 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed the vlog and I hope you get to watch them all through straight if you haven’t already. I promise it’s worth it 🙂

    • Lmao it would not be fair if we had Chloe there, the choice would be obvious :P!!! She had the spotlight in the last video my love!!! Oh and the cop feel by Sedo hahaha best!!!!!!! I agree…Jonathan should always be in front of the camera as well as producing behind the scenes!

  3. So far I watched the 1st Vlog and it is hilarious! The ending was the best part, and we all know it was YOUR fault.

    • Thanks Kim! George does a great job with his guitar, and I definitely had an interesting array of music in that video. I’m glad that you enjoyed the vlogs, and that you found the second hilarious. Very cool of you to check them out 🙂

  4. 1. The vlog had ok sound quality
    2. Robert because hes looks like a cool guy to hang out with
    3. I think ur family looks fun
    I hope u had a fun time with ur family and friends

    • The sound quality and video quality was reduced by Youtube. When I edited and rendered it, the quality was very clear and crisp. Still, I think the videos turned out OK in terms of quality. Robert IS a cool guy to hang out with, I understand your decision. And I did have a great time, thanks a lot B!

  5. These were amazing!!!!!! And entertained my friends as well! They were thoroughly impressed by you and your whole website, as am I! But then all of them called me the crazy hair cousin with the shot you got of me hahaha. I MISS YOU! Come back soon and make more videos!!! I said it right here…ddog13 will be FAMOUS. Believe me and mark my words. I love you!!! ❤

    I agree with Gracie…the prank on teta was hilarious. What cracked me up the most and everyone I was watching the videos with was Jayden and the cupcake scene…omg hilarious!!! And I love Jordan's Patrick Star impersonation because I've always had a strong love for Patrick star and I approve…you have to hear my impersonation…its quite lovely.

    Oh and I love when you were reviewing the fries and got teta in on the action at 5 guys hahaha. And I love the surprise section with Natalia that was great!

    Loved it allllllllllllllll!

    Oh and as for the poll. Robert is my brother…but if I had to pick my FAVORITE cousin…I can't because I love you all so much and you were not included in the poll so yea I can not pick a favorite but out of the cousins you put up on the poll since Robert is my brother…I would love to jam with Georgie 😉 hes my pick…the Musician!

    ~Christina (Crazy Haired Cousin) Tina Tink Tinker

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