Everything is Back to Normal

Finally. We’re back. In case you have forgotten, my name is Ddog, and I am the guy who runs this blog. After about a month of craziness due to my vacation, the blog is now back to normal. I posted my vlogs, and I am glad you enjoyed them. As to which cousin you liked the most, it was basically even, standing at a 3 way tie. I guess that means that all of my cousins are cool šŸ™‚

So Movie Monday is going to be returning, no longer featuring Mr. Sunday to Sunday. He did a great job, and his channel is here. You should seriously subscribe to him for movie news. He deserves the love. A fresh Movie Monday will be posted on Monday. Also, Think a Bit Thursday will be back. Now that I’m back, I think it’s fair to ask for comments on the Think a Bit Thursday segments. I want to know what you think. A like is very kind and helpful, but it doesn’t tell me if you agree or not, so leave me your thoughts. I love your comments. Find It Friday? Well, it hasn’t been done for a while. It’s not because of laziness. It is simply because I am waiting for a larger fan base, solely to make things more interesting. For the new subscribers, Find It Friday is a scavenger hunt that takes place on this site. After reading a riddle that I create, if you can find the image I am referring to, and you leave in the comments a message saying what page it is on and what it is, you get a guest post on gamerscene. Two years in and I am finally beginning to really understand WordPress and how to get noticed. I am learning more and more every day.

As we move past another phase in Gamerscene’s history, I would like to thank you all again, for viewing the blog, subscribing, and caring. You are what keeps me going. When I started blogging I was practically talking to noone. Since then, this blog has grown, and I believe that it is improving each and every day. To set off this new phase of the blog, I have some really good post ideas in store, some of which being:

  • 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me
  • 5 Things You Don’t Know About Gamerscene
  • What Is the Purpose of a Movie?
  • Call of Duty Decoded

I’ve got a lot more ideas but this is only a sneak peek. The rest is classified šŸ˜‰

Thanks again, and I’m happy to be back to normal.


PS. Expendables 2 Review possibly coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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