Think a Bit Thursday: The Social Network and Facebook

The Social Network tells the story of how Facebook was created. Though the story is exaggerated for entertainment value, it truly is a great and interesting adaptation. This movie was received very well, as it focused on something that nearly everyone knew and used at the time: Facebook.

The question this week is: “Do you feel like Facebook is a bad thing to be involved with? Is a person better off without Facebook?” In order to analyze this question, I will share my own feelings about Facebook. Maybe through my experiences with the social network you can determine where you stand on the matter.

So Facebook. When MySpace started fading away and everyone was suddenly on Facebook, I was opposed to it. When people talked about Facebook or told me to join it, I sneered. Facebook was the dumbest thing. I don’t care what you are doing. I don’t care what you are currently eating or who you are currently hanging out with. It all seemed very pointless to me. This was my point of view until I moved to California. After much thinking and consideration, I signed up for Facebook. There were two main reasons for me doing so. First, I figured that it would help me keep in touch with my friends and family, mainly from New Jersey. Besides that, I wanted to promote Gamerscene. I did so on my personal Facebook for a good amount of time, but stopped once I created the gamerscene Facebook page, which is right here. Like the page for updates and news (I had to 😉 We’re on the topic of Facebook.)

So I got on Facebook. It was addictive and absorbing for the first couple of weeks, but then I realized that I dislike Facebook more than I enjoy it. Allow me to explain why. (This ranting has a point. Stay tuned.) I strongly dislike ‘Like if you love Jesus, scroll down for Satan.’ type things. The fact that people participate in those is upsetting. I love God. I hate Satan. I still keep scrolling. I am not displaying my faith through a like on Facebook. Idiots. ‘Lost phone, need numbers’ is another thing I despise. Are people that idiotic to post their phone number online for anyone and everyone to see? Are they that stupid? ‘Most beautiful teenager’ contests also make me shake my head. Are teens really becoming that conceited and desperate to be told that they are beautiful that they need to enter this stupid contest? And people actually like the photos, one like equaling one vote for the most beautiful teenager. Just recently, it was announced on Facebook that Bill Nye had passed away. I scroll down and see that some of my friends had liked a page titled: RIP Bill Nye. The truth is, Bill Nye is still alive. Are people that stupid that they create a page honoring someone who had passed away without even knowing if they really died? People buy into internet hoaxes way too easily. A simply Google search can provide the truth. I remember how a ton of people reposted a status “issued by Facebook” to protect their account from being deleted, due to the “shutting down of Facebook.” People are really hard headed nowadays.

Just because it is a new paragraph does not mean that my rant is done. I am not opposed to ‘like for a like’ statuses, because I have done some out of boredom. But some people say, ‘like for a like. Not doing all.’ Not doing all? Then what the hell is the point of doing this in the first place? What, out of the pool of people that like your status you are just going to select those who you prefer? Are you kidding me? Then there are those people who post hate statuses. “I hate all these dumb *#&!^#)@&#. Leave me the )!*#$$*@$&@ alone you !@#&$^ !(@&$&@($’s. If you tried to count characters to make out words, you have been trolled. I typed the symbols randomly. Use your imagination to translate the words. And then this one girl continued, after her vulgar rant, to say, “Nobody cares about your issues. Look for sympathy elsewhere.” The irony of that statement made me want to comment and point out her stupidity, but believe it or not, I’m a nice guy. Despite my rage segments and this above rant, which is still not complete, I actually have a heart. Whoa…I just got an idea for a new post: Ddog: Not a Monster. Bingo! Back on topic. There are people who have to announce through status that they are bored. I do not care. There are those who post statuses about what they are eating. Unless it is meat, I do not care. What really gets to me are the people who like their own statuses. Are you serious? Are you that desperate to raise your like count? No crap you like your status. You posted it, you better like it. And then people who are friends of a friend, whom I have never spoken to in my life, send me friend requests. Get out of here. And some people have 900 friends. Go home. Get a life. You do not know 900 people. Some people are so concerned with popularity that they go ahead and add every damn person who is a mutual friend of a friend.

Note: This is an actual friend count of one of my friends.

As I type this I am generating more and more hate for Facebook, and more flaws to mention. By now, you should get the idea. But I am not finished with this Think a Bit Thursday. The question this week is, “Do you feel like Facebook is a bad thing to be involved with? Is a person better off without Facebook?” Despite my rage, I say that it is not a bad thing to be associated with. See, Facebook is a system that works well and is helpful to those who use it correctly. The problem is, when you add people to a network that works properly, it becomes corrupted. Facebook isn’t the one who made that picture. It’s not the one who started that group. It’s not the one who is posting pointless statuses. It’s us. We are using Facebook in an incorrect and improper way. Facebook itself, however, is not a bad thing to be involved with. It is actually quite fascinating. When my dad joined Facebook, he received a friend request from somebody who he knew from long ago. A childhood friend of his, his neighbor in Jerusalem, had found him on Facebook. My dad left Jerusalem when he was young. The fact that old friends from opposite parts of the world could stay in touch is mind blowing. Facebook has helped me sustain relationships with my friends and family, and it is continuing to do so. Facebook, despite the overload of game invites, people who don’t care about privacy, the addition of Timeline, and everything I mentioned above, is a great thing to be involved with. For a teenager and older, it is something you should definitely try out. It truly is something great.

What do you think? Leave your answer for this week’s question below. Thanks for reading 🙂



2 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: The Social Network and Facebook

  1. I loved The Social Network. I think Jesse Eisenberg is a phenomenal actor and he carried that whole movie. I need to see it again.

    I’m pretty much in the same place you are. I have a Facebook and while I’m on it pretty often (for Hypable-related stuff), I don’t usually post anything on it. It just feels useless to me to tell people what I’m doing. Maybe if I have something fun to say, or maybe if I have something I want to share. But otherwise? I’m pretty quiet. And it bugs me when you see all those other things like you mentioned – the “like this if you love X” and posts that are pretty pointless “eating lunch then going to work!” Why do you need to tell people what you’re doing all day, every day? The one thing I WILL say that I love about Facebook is the ability to share content. Like you do with Gamerscene and like I do with my writer’s page, it’s such a great way to spread your words and get other people to know that you exist.

    I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately (busy!!), but TABT posts are by far my favorite. I always look forward to them!

    • Thanks! That’s good to hear. I enjoy making the posts, because I could talk about any topic that I’m in the mood for. Andrew Garfield carried the movie for me, actually. This was, of course, before he became Spiderman, but his character was my favorite. Great performances over all though.

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