5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gamerscene, Plus Two Important Polls

Hey guys! Whether you are new to this blog or if you’ve stuck with me since the beginning, I have 5 things that I bet you didn’t know about this blog. You may be surprised. Obviously, the list goes from least to most surprising. Let me know in the comment below what you are most surprised about.

5. People From All Over the World Have Checked out this Blog

This blog has been spread through my friends, family and I to New Jersey, New York, California, Australia, the Middle East, and Greece. Despite that, people from Canada to the UK have seen my blog. From Italy to Thailand. Here are a list of views per country since February of 2012:

Azerbaijan! I don’t even know where that is! Let’s move on.

4. The Cars Page

Yes, though I am not even close to a car expert, I had a page where I just posted a bunch of car pictures. It was titled: Cars. The page had no organization or purpose. It was just a seemingly endless scroll-down collection of car pictures. Granted, the pictures I was able to find were great, but looking back at it now, it was one of the most randomly pointless things I have done on this blog. Here is a quick look at what the page looked like.

That went on forever. Cool pictures, right? But the page had no structure or relation to movies or video games, so it had to be scrapped.

3. Crazy Search Terms

When someone finds gamerscene through Google, I can see what search term was typed in that lead them to the blog. The ability to do that is given to us WordPress users because it helps us see where our audience is coming from, and what people are interested in. Just yesterday, I got a search term: Hugh Laurie suicide. I freaked out and went right on Google. Laurie is still alive. It turns out that he made a suicide pact with his friends when he was 18, saying that they would all kill themselves at age 40. Laurie is past 40 and he never took it seriously, so I calmed down. Believe me when I tell you that I have gotten some CRAZY search terms in the Search Term list. Here are a few:

big man in a suit of armor. take that away, what are you facebook

I just found this one now! That’s hilarious.

راسل كرو بالقناعراسل كرو بالقناع

This Arabic writing translates to: Russell Crowe mask

who was spying during harvey dents momorial

What an idiot…

why do you have to use microsoft points on dlc content call of duty

Because nothing in life is free. Some people…

inception had a weak plot but great visuals

May whoever typed this in never visit my blog again, nor eat another scrap of meat. Not even Catfood.

hangover remedy wordpress blogs

Just this week a guy from India was searching for the cure for his hangover…at least I assume it’s a guy.

liberation doesn’t look like central park

Yes! Someone agrees with me. What a good gentleman.

why are so many movies being shot “found footage”? – they suck

I completely agree. You are a smart person.

guy who looks like tom hardy

This person was probably looking for this guy:

Honestly, I can go on and on. I literally have HUNDREDS of search terms, and plenty more that I could share. If you’d like a video talking about all of the funny ones, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to do one on these crazy search terms.

2. Women Wednesday and Rula’s Rage Page

I am now stepping into the danger zone. Remember the post I did a while back asking what new post I should do? It came down to Think a Bit Thursday or Shooter Saturday. Think a Bit Thursday won, obviously. But I had a couple of other ideas besides those two…one of them being Women Wednesday.

For some reason I thought that my viewers would find it hilarious if I would do one post about women every week. (ex: How to Attract Them, How to Talk to Them, etc.) Does anyone really need advice on girls? I don’t think so. And if they did, they wouldn’t take it from me. But the tables have turned. I now have more female viewers than I did when I considered the idea. I have more viewers total, actually. This means that my audience is wider. Obviously, it would be directed towards teens, but the guys who are in their 20’s and up might want to provide advice in the comments as well as critique my advice. The teens could listen, and hopefully take something away from the post, and the ladies can get angry at me in the comments and claim that I know nothing. That may be true. Maybe I could turn these posts into funny-type segments. Not to be taken seriously, but still providing some useful tips and such. I see meat analogies in the future. This could be hilarious. Of course, I will be respectful and appropriate, as I always am, so if that is a concern of yours, you can relax. Here is my leap of faith. No more stalling. Here we go: Vote below: Should I give Women Wednesday a shot?

And secondly, Rula’s Rage Page. For those who don’t know, I have something called ‘The Rage Page.’ As of right now, I have 30 Rage Segments where I just rage about anything from the Lazy River to Curling. So what’s Rula’s Rage Page? Who’s Rula? Rula is my mother, and I have wanted for the longest time for her to start a Rage Page. She is very qualified to deliver Rage Segments that I cannot. She can rage about motherly things and whatnot. If we can pressure her into saying yes to do a launch Rage Segment, and see how it goes from there, we can have Rula’s Rage Page up and running. Bring on the pressure. Vote on this poll:

1. I Regret Naming this Blog Gamerscene

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. I regret naming this blog Gamerscene. When I created the name, here is what I was aiming for. Gamer was the gaming half of the blog. Scene, on the other hand, was the movie half. Scene as in movie scene. But, of course, gamer is the dominant word, and I sometimes worry that people won’t be interested in the blog because of the name implying the focus on video games. As you know, I am MUCH more oriented towards movies. But I have to take pride in the name, or else nobody else will grow to like it. Hopefully you don’t mind the name of this blog. 🙂

So that’s all for now guys. In the comments below, tell me what you did or did not know, and let me know about Women Wednesday by voting and leaving a comment. You are the decision makers this time around. Whatever you decide…I will deliver.



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