(A Late) Think a Bit Thursday: The Avengers and Super Powers

Hello everyone! I am greatly enjoying the new Dave Matthews Band album. In fact, I am listening to it as I type this post. But before I begin, be sure to check out this week’s previous post. In it, I have two polls to vote on. One asks if I should launch Women Wednesday. The second asks if I should launch Rula’s Rage Page. Not sure what either of those things are? Click here to check out the post and vote. The post will open in a new tab. The two ideas mean a lot to me, and a simple vote would help me tons. OK, so let’s get started.

The Avengers. If you don’t know what the Avengers is, you have been living in a rock that is deep in the earth. The Avengers is about the Marvel superheroes that come together to defend the earth.

The question this week is: If you could have any super power, what would it be? Let’s take a look at some possibilities.

Super Strength: Imagine being able to do push ups without getting tired, impressing everyone you encounter. You could go into parking lots and move cars, simply for the sake of messing with people. If you’re feeling heroic, you could become a fireman and become the best in the world.

Invisibility: If you could turn invisible, you could see things that aren’t meant for your eyes and hear things that aren’t meant for your ears. You could eavesdrop of any conversation, anywhere, any time. You would learn a lot and see a lot. If you have a grudge, you could simply become invisible and beat the crap out of your enemy. But we are thinking heroes…so instead we could tickle the enemy to tears. A self-sustaining thief or spy is what Invisibility will likely turn you into.

Mind Reading: Imagine that you are carrying on a conversation, and as you converse with your friend or enemy, you can hear their thoughts. Mind Reading could make you president some day, countering your opponent by hearing their thoughts and ideas. You could likely win every argument as well. All politicians and businessmen would likely go with Mind Reading.

Flying: You could transport yourself anywhere, anytime. Flying would be more of a pleasure than be a practical ability, but it would be pretty cool. You would likely never be late to a party, and you would arrive in style.

Telekinesis: You could move things with your mind. A couch potato’s ideal ability. They no longer have to get up for the TV remote. Still, this ability would be very handy in military torture. Throwing the enemies against the wall with your mind would surely shake them enough to spill everything they know. Oh and if you’d want to be a good guy, you could transport food to Africa and other hungry places in the world…with your mind.

Shape Shifting: You could get the face and body of anyone in the world. You could become celebrities and get free love from the fans, as well as a hefty paycheck. You could also become a famous impressionist, shifting before each show and acting like it’s simply makeup. To help the world you could become the president and make decisions that you feel will benefit the world.

So those are only a few ideas. Go wild. What superpower would you like to have, and how would you use it?



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