Women Wednesday #1: How to Attract a Woman

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Women Wednesday, the weekly series where I give advice on the ladies. I asked, and you demanded. I polled, and you asked that I try out Women Wednesday. Is this absurd and ridiculous? Probably. But I won’t leave you without a payoff. I will have advice and tips in each post. What makes me qualified to do this? Nothing. I am not a certified love doctor or lady expert by any means. But I have some ideas and tips that could likely help you. If you are in your teen years, this post is for you. If you are out of your teen years, guy or girl, help me out with teaching the teens. Give some advice in the comments. Lastly, the ladies…I want your feedback especially. Am I wrong? Am I right? Are you offended? I need to know, so tell me. As with all new posts, I need feedback through comments.

This week, we’ll be talking about how to attract a woman. Here’s the deal. People say that looks don’t matter. That’s not exactly true. Let’s look from a woman’s eyes. There are platters and platters of Filet Mignon laid out infront of her. Is she going to look to the one that is visibly burnt? The one that has no seasoning on it? No. She’s going to direct her attention to the Filet that looks the best. The one with a pink center, a nice crust, and the perfect amount of seasoning. Does it mean that she’ll go with that Filet as her main course? No, not exactly. But she’s watching it. She’s got her eye on that Filet. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why looks are an important first step. A girl is not going to be interested in a guy that isn’t easy on her eyes. Now, don’t be mistaken. You could be an ugly duckling and still get a girlfriend. Trust me, I’ve seen it. But in order for a girl to even be interested in you, you have to look presentable. Here are some ways you can do so.

You have to start with your taking care of yourself. If you’ve got facial hair, maintain it. If you’re in highschool, shaving is greenlighted. You’re all good to shave off that hair. A lot of guys see hair as a measure of how manly you are, but all hair grows back. Don’t sweat it. Shave the facial hair and keep it clean. Speaking of sweat, use deodorant. If you smell nice, you’re instantly more likable. This doesn’t mean bathe in cologne, however. Simply find a nice smelling deodorant and apply that. Not many girls are fond of Axe, by the way. If you need to add a little something, add a subtle cologne. Just one small spritz should be enough. And, of course, you’ll have your fair share of pimples. A simple cleanser should do the trick. Apply it before you sleep, and your face will slowly nurse its pimples. There’s no need for heavily medicated stuff, unless you have serious acne.

Of course, brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Having good breath is a plus, no matter the situation. Clip your nails. Girls are looking for a guy, not a person to paint their nails with. Basic hygiene. All of this may sound self explanatory, but it is necessary. Here comes the difficult part. Your build. The muscle. Every girl wants a guy with muscle. I understand that some people don’t have the time or resources to do a full blown workout, however. I would like you to take a look at this picture.

This is Herschel Walker. This man has never touched a weight in his life. He played for the NFL and fought in the MMA. Guys, you don’t need weights to get big. Pushups and situps in the morning and/or at night is enough. The pushups take care of your biceps and chest, inflating your pecs and defining your biceps. The situps will give you that six pack. If you find a low surface, like a table, you could also do dips. What that does is it gets your triceps bigger. The tricep is one of the fastest growing muscles in the body. If you work that out, your arms will look thicker and more solid. By continually doing pushups and situps along with some dips are all you need to get the definition you want, and you’ll get bigger and bigger as time goes on. But keep in mind that you don’t need to be beefed up to get a girl. If you’re as built as Mr. Walker, you’ll be seen as an intimidating brute. Some muscle to give definition is enough.

And, of course, you need the clothes. A Filet starts off as a cow. The cow could be the most attractive and most fit cow in the whole farm. But once it is killed and made into Filet, it must be prepared correctly. If it isn’t seasoned well, it’s simply a good cut of beef. If the spices aren’t there, it’s just another piece of meat. You don’t want to be a well maintained guy under clothes that aren’t very nice. What you need to do is find a style that looks cool and that you find comfortable. If you want to go with pants, you can’t go wrong with dark jeans. But there’s an important thing to note about the jeans. You want to be wearing them around your waist, not your ankles. A belt can keep your pants up, and keeping them up is key. No girl wants to see your ass, and that’s a fact. Keep your pants up. It keeps you looking decent and civilized. Oh, and by jeans, I don’t mean skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are for the ladies. Let’s keep it that way. If you want to go with shorts, nearly anything works. Subtly checkered shorts, cargo pants, whatever floats your boat. As for the shirts, go with whatever you feel looks cool. Wearing no sleeves all the time could make girls see you as arrogant, however, especially if your arms are big. So you could wear no sleeves whenever you see fit, but don’t make it your day-to-day choice. As long as you look clean, well dressed, and presentable, you’re ready. Ready for competition. See, there are plenty of guys who are going to be just as cool looking as you do. There are a lot of Filets out there. A lot. But the girl can only choose one. How do you make sure that YOU are the one that stands out? The truth is, most girls aren’t going to start the confrontation. YOU are the one who has to say hello and start the connection. You look great, you smell great, and you have everything that makes a guy likable. Now go use it. Get out there and make a move. See, attracting a girl isn’t making them cling onto you. It’s making them interested.

Of course, these are all material things. Looks. I haven’t uttered a word about personality. And that’s the thing: A girl doesn’t know your personality when they first see you. Is she going to choose to learn more about the charred-looking Filet? No. She’s going to pick the good looking Filet to learn more about. This is why looks are important. They are the first basis of judgment that a girl could make about you. If it’s a good judgement, then you’re off to a good start. Girls, when they first see you, take note of your looks. They aren’t going to want to learn about you and what you’re like unless you are physically appealing. After all, girls don’t pick guys who they feel is unattractive as a potential boyfriend.

A final note, however, is this: You cannot change yourself during this process. Don’t tailor yourself to what the girl you have in mind wants. If the girl chooses a Filet as her main course, but she receives a T-Bone instead, it’s not a good thing. A girl is going to like you for you, so don’t put up a facade. Be yourself. And keep in mind that everything listed above isn’t a requirement, but a benefit. You don’t NEED all of those things get girl, but they all help improve yourself as well as your likability.

Personality is a whole other topic, however. This week we covered the appearance aspect of attraction. Next week, we’ll go over how you can use your personality and communication skills to get closer to the girl. Or, in other words, how to talk to a girl, the second half of the equation. We’ve all seen guys who are clearly not the most physically appealing with stunning girlfriends. They achieve this by communicating correctly. This is what we’ll discuss next week.

Let me know below if you enjoyed this post. Guys, did this help? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Older guys, those who are in or out of college, do you have any advice to the teens? And ladies…what do you think? Am I wrong? Am I right? Am I missing something? And, lastly, is this a good idea to carry on with this segment? Please tell me. It’s important that I know. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂



3 comments on “Women Wednesday #1: How to Attract a Woman

  1. The analogy you used with the Filet is pricless and I actually found this usefull since I am a Senior in High School and I am 18 in a month so I understand everything you are saying and agree with it. I so far like this new series and I am looking foward to future posts.

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