Rula’s 1st Rage Segment: Parking Spaces

I asked, you guys answered. You guys want Rula’s Rage Page. Who’s Rula? Rula is my mother. She now has her own page on the site. There, she’ll have her Rage Segments posted whenever they are created. My Rage Page will still be up, of course, but my mother now has her own area on the site. So now I’ll pass the baton to my mother. Mother, the stage is yours. (I’ll butt in by using parenthesis)

Hello everyone! The reason I’m doing this is because I support my son (Mom, you’re embarrassing me.and I have a couple of things that I could definitely rage about. Before you read my raging and assume that I am a bitter old woman, here’s a bit about me to prove that I am a person, not a monster. Understand that when I rage, I am in rage mode. I am not angry like this on a daily basis. I enjoy having game nights and movie nights with my kids, as long as I have my cereal. (A bowl of cereal every night. No joke.) My favorite movie would have to be Revenge, and I enjoy Thrillers. I also enjoyed Orphan, Mystic Pizza, Beaches, and, of course, the Breakfast Club. I hate any movies with Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. (I approve this statement.)

But enough about me. Let’s have some fun. Today I’ll be raging about parking spaces.

So it’s 8 in the morning and I’m driving my kids to school, with a cup of coffee in my hand, of course. So I go on the side streets to find a parking spot and as I get closer to where I think I can park, I realize that my car does not fit in between the two cars. So I drive a little more, and again I think I’ve found a spot to park. Nope, those stupid people took two parking spaces. Two. What the heck. People don’t know how to park!! Do they think they own the street? At this point my kids are almost late for school. Finally I give up and decide to parallel park. So I get my car in the position to park and notice a lady in her car staring at me with a nasty look, thinking that I am going to hit her car. Are you serious? I’m a better driver than you. (Yep, sure you are.) So I back up and bam! I parked my car perfectly!! I walk out and the lady was still staring at me so I stared back and smiled. Do I look like the one who took two parking spaces? No. I know how to park, unlike some ignorant people. I went about my business and took my kids to school.

Another instance is when I go market shopping. I turned into a parking spot to park my car and had to slam my breaks. Do you know why? Because some idiot left their shopping cart in the middle of the parking spot!! Why can’t people just take a few extra steps and put the carts where they belong? Is it that difficult? Just put your groceries in your car and take back the cart!! People are so lazy, that’s why so many of them are out of shape! (You mean fat. Mom, you’re allowed to be insulting when you’re in rage mode. Just speak the truth.) So the bottom line is: Learn how to park and be more respectful.

Thanks guys for listening to my very first Rage Segment. Feel free to give me feedback in the comments. Stay tuned. There’s more to come. 🙂

Alright guys, it’s Ddog again. Just like my mom  said, leave a comment with what you thought of her first Rage Segment. Hope you enjoyed it!


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