Ladies and Gentlemen, I Now Present to You Movie Monday, featuring the new Hobbit Trailer

Why the fancy title? Well, I was away from the Internet this weekend, as I was in the process of moving. With a sore body, I now bring you Movie Monday. Believe it or not, there is only one piece of news that isn’t rumor and boredom. The new trailer for the Hobbit has been released.

It’s looking great. It confirms my suspicions about the dwarves being used as comedic relief. I am completely alright with that, because it looks like they’ll be serious when they need to be. The Lord of the Rings universe is very apparent here, and I’m not worried at all. I’m ready for this movie.

Thanks for checking in! It feels good to be back online. Now it’s time to get a move on with the news Women Wednesday. Oh, and I want to motivate my mother. Leave a comment on her first Rage Segment with feedback. I want her to keep doing Rage Segments, but she won’t listen to me without persuasion. Here‘s the post. Please leave a comment on it. Thanks a lot:)



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