Women Wednesday #2: How to Talk to a Woman

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second installment of Women Wednesday. Last week, we talked about how to attract a woman, and you present yourself is important. That post is right here, and you should definitely check it out before you move on. This week, we’ll discuss how to talk to a girl.

Being able to talk to and interact with a girl is key. When the Filets are laid out infront of a girl and she has to choose one to focus on, she will choose the meat that looks the best. She’ll choose one that is appealing to her eye. When she bites into that pretty Filet, however, she better like how it tastes. If the inside of this nice-looking Filet is is dry and bland, she can easily push her plate aside and choose a new one. This is why being able to communicate with a girl is absolutely necessary if you are looking for a relationship with her.

Saying hello is easy. Starting a conversation is easy. But doing it right is the tricky part. Let’s start with face-to-face conversations. When you talk to the girl, don’t go on telling her your life story. Pick a topic, ask her questions, and let her talk. Girls love to talk, and that’s a fact. Let her tell you things about herself and her experiences, and you pay attention and listen. Don’t be completely mute, make occasional comments to carry the conversation, but let her do the talking. When it’s your turn to speak, tell her whatever the conversation leads you to, and then ask another question. Asking questions has benefits. First off, it lets her know that you care enough to ask a question. If you are trying to find out more about the girl by asking her things, she takes note of it. But, more importantly, it builds the relationship. A girl has two Filets infront of her. One is 20 dollars and one is 200 dollars. Is she going to feel more special eating the one that is 200 dollars or the one that is 20 dollars? If she invests time in telling you about her experiences and life, then she will value her relationship with you more than a relationship with a person who didn’t try to learn more about her. Make sense?

Although questions are important, you do not want to sound like a reporter. You aren’t giving the girl an interview. Don’t just bash her with questions. Let the conversation flow by itself, and just insert questions where they can fit.

Understand that when you are talking to a girl, there are some topics that you need to stay away from. You need to keep her interest, so video games, sports, and politics won’t do. Girls don’t want to hear about how much you can bench, fights you have been in, or farts. Don’t be nasty. Be a gentleman and control your tongue. Bad language should be avoided completely. This girl doesn’t want a thug, she wants a gentleman. Don’t talk about other girls or the girl’s exes. Simply find some kind of a common ground and branch out from there. Talking about school and homework is perfect, because both of you can relate to it, and you can feel comfortable talking about it.

Basically, you need to talk about about general things and let her do the talking. Be sure to ask questions as well. But it is very important that you don’t attach yourself to her every second of the day. If you talk to her every second, text her every second, and chat her every second, you are setting yourself up for failure. Keeping up with a peer is something that friends do. If you keep getting involved with her, that is exactly what you will become: a friend. If that’s what you want, then congratulations. But if you want a relationship with this girl, there has to be some gap of communication. You have to keep her wanting more. If she is given all 8 ounces of the Filet right after she orders it, she doesn’t have a chance to think about how she is going to savor the meat. If she munches on some appetizers first, however, and thinks about the meat she could get, and how she will approach the Filet, it will lead to an overall better experience.

One thing that you have to avoid while doing all of this is sending your friends to deliver messages. It is the most gutless thing I can think of. If you can’t talk to the girl yourself, you aren’t fit to be in a relationship to begin with. Don’t have your friends deliver messages. The girl you have your eyes on wants a man, not a pathetic loser who uses his friends as a postal service.

Once you have talked to this girl and taken this advice into account, should you ask her out? No. When a Filet is cut open right after it has been cut open, it bleeds. The juices go all over the plate, and it makes a mess. But when the meat sits for a bit, and you cut the meat open, the juices don’t pool around the meat. If you let the meat sit, it contains its juices and it is a much more enjoyable piece of meat. You have to give yourself some time before you decide to dive into the relationship. But you can’t wait too long. After a Filet is cooked, if you let it sit for too long, it gets cold, hard, and tough. It isn’t so flavorful anymore. The chance of reviving that Filet to its warm, juicy, delicious state is impossible. That Filet is ruined. So if you want to make a move, don’t wait too long, or the spark, if there is any, will disappear.

So that’s how you talk to a girl! Just be yourself, talk about general things, let the girl do the talking, and ask questions. Don’t use bad language, use your friends as a postal service, or talk about uninteresting topics. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this advice, guy or girl. Next week’s topic is: How to tell if a girl likes you. Tune in next week for another installment of Women Wednesday! 🙂



4 comments on “Women Wednesday #2: How to Talk to a Woman

  1. So impressed!!!!!!!!!!! Omg one I did not expect from you DO NOT BRING UP EXES THAT IS THE KEY TO FAILURE IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!! & DEF don’t talk about yourself!!!!! Wow Jonathan 10 thumbs up haha

  2. Oh and maybe I am more of an unconventional girl (as I have been told my whole life, Im truly a dork) because I like sports and video games but I’m still a woman and we all need to feel you’re listening and interested and yes NO FART talk ew I can keep going…I hope to hear from more of you ladies. XoxO ❤

    What amazes me most is this is coming from a 13 year old male teenager where men my age and older (25+) can't even get it right!

  3. What I meant to say was, although I may have some interests that men do is that I still need to be treated like a woman not one of the guys. I missed that part haha So for the ladies who do have some of those interests, men need to remember just because of this, it doe not mean the woman is one of them and you can treat them differently because of it. That is also another major turn off.

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