Movie Monday: Skyfall Theme Song and Update

Hello everyone! After this bit of news, I have a video update about the blog and why things aren’t happening how they should. SO! Movie Monday. I only have one piece of exciting news. Take a guess at who is singing the new 007 theme for Skyfall.

Did you guess? Guess.


I bet you didn’t guess Adele.

Yes, Adele, who is best known for Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep, and Set Fire to the Rain, will be singing the theme for Skyfall. Don’t be afraid that she’ll be singing about relationships, however. When artists are brought onto Bond projects, they create a song just for the movie. After all, Alicia Keys was involved with the last theme, and it actually turned out great. Here are the more recent themes from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

Another Way to Die by Jack White and Alicia Keys

See, both songs turned out well. I am not afraid for the theme. That’s all for this week! Why so little news? The update below should better explain.


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